Stress Over Election Uncertainty Boosted Wine Sales

It seemed like an eternity from Election Day, to the day Joe Biden was declared the projected winner, and while voters stressed over results, they turned to an old friend to help pass the time … wine.

TMZ hit up some wine companies and asked how sales have been since the election, and the resounding answer was … up, up, up!!!

Cellars Wine Club reported the biggest increase in sales over the prior week at 113%, but the company president noted … heading into cooler weather may have contributed to the boost … along with election anxiety.

Wine Insiders says it also saw a serious sales bump this week — a 65% increase — and like Cellars Wine Club … its buyers were ordering reds over whites at a 3 to 1 margin.

Other nationwide wine companies reporting a 40% increase include Acker and Shoe Crazy Wine. A rep from Acker told us its increase was compared to the same time frame in 2019, but business definitely spiked over the past few days … and customers were buying an average of 1 more bottle per transaction than usual.

The Acker rep added that these spikes have been observed in the past “anytime there is any form of uncertainty in the world.” So, Election 2020 … check!

Of course, Americans reaching for a bottle of wine last week falls in line with what they were ordering up on Election Day — comfort calories and alcohol.

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