Sydney Sweeney's Birth Chart Might Explain Her Jack-of-All-Trades Personality

Sydney Sweeney’s birth chart might provide a hint about what’s behind all the successes the star has achieved over the past few years. With major roles in HBO’s “Euphoria” and Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” under her belt, going down in history as Cosmopolitan’s first female centerfold, and her portrayal of Cassie Howard being one of the most recognizable memes of the moment, 25-year-old Sweeney’s career is definitely only just getting started. Though the “White Lotus” actor is most notable for her iconic mean-girl roles, Sweeney has shown that she has plenty of range both on- and off-screen — take her fixing classic cars or the fact that she’s trained in mixed martial arts as a couple of examples — and her birth chart illuminates even more about her personality.

Clearly, the actor can do it all, which leaves us to wonder: is there an astrological reason behind Sweeney’s Jack-of-all-trades, Type-A personality? POPSUGAR spoke with professional astrologer Lisa Stardust to walk us through Sweeney’s birth chart.

The Big Three

Your sun, moon, and rising sign make up your big three. These placements reflect things like your outward personality, emotional reactions, and your self-expression. You can determine your attitudes toward each of these areas in life based on the zodiac sign these planets are stationed in. To calculate your big three (and your astrological houses), you’ll need to know your birth date, place, and time. Sweeney’s birth time is available online, so we’re able to analyze her entire birth chart.

Virgo Sun

In astrology, your sun sign symbolizes your core identity and the energy you direct in your life. Sweeney’s birthday — Sept. 12 — means she’s a Virgo sun, which means she’s ambitious, meticulous, and organized; Virgos are often seen as the perfectionists of the zodiac. Earth signs are grounded and practical, which speaks to Sweeney’s hyperfocused and overachieving attitude in life, like being valedictorian in school or pursuing a business degree while filming “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

“As a Virgo sun, she wants to be perceived as perfect and may take criticism to heart. This is only because her worst critic is, in fact, herself,” Stardust tells POPSUGAR. “One of Virgo’s main struggles is how to find an authentic position on this societal spectrum.”

Capricorn Moon

Your moon sign represents your inner self, meaning your emotional reactions, responses to the emotions of others, and your subconscious tendencies. Sweeney’s moon sign is in the fellow earth sign, Capricorn, making her extra goal-oriented, specifically with passions she feels a strong emotional connection to, such as her fascination with classic cars, which she associates with her grandparents. With earth energy dominating her sun and moon placements, you can assume when she’s got her sights on something, she won’t give up easily — or at all.

“As a Capricorn moon, she will find that it’s much easier for her to commit to methodical and practical hobbies that require sharp focus,” explains Stardust. “Her recent comment to E! encapsulates Capricorn moon energy perfectly, citing, ‘I wanted to build one so that when I drove it and people said, ‘Cool car,’ I could be like, ‘Yeah, thanks,’ and know I made it.’ If that dry humor and sense of achievement doesn’t scream Capricorn, what does?”

Scorpio Rising

When it comes to first impressions and outward self-expression, your rising sign tells all. Sweeney’s rising sign is in the passionate, loyal, and determined sign of Scorpio. If you’ve seen the actor’s Instagram — which is a perfect example of how people portray their rising sign — you probably noticed intense clips of her training in mixed martial arts or her sultry outfits. Scorpios are known for their intensity, sensuality, and dedication, which is totally aligned with the way the actor portrays herself on social media.

Personal Planets

Along with your big three, your birth chart also contains your Mars, Mercury, and Venus signs. These placements reflect how you communicate, your fashion sense, and your level of ambition. These signs are mostly manifested in Sweeney’s social media, interviews, and work ethic.

Virgo Mercury

Mercury is the sign that rules communication and the mind. For Sweeney, her Virgo Mercury makes her compassionate and altruistic, reflected in the way the actor donated $48,000 in meals to vulnerable populations in her hometown of Spokane, WA. Virgos are also known for their careful and calculated planning skills, which is totally supported by the fact that the “Euphoria” actress drew up a detailed five-year plan to convince her parents to move to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career. It’s totally the vibe of a Virgo Mercury to spend time so much time meticulously planning her future.

Scorpio Mars

Mars is the ruler of aggression, action, and ambition. As a Scorpio Mars, Sweeney is hyperfixed on her career, even taking her acting roles a step further by creating entire backstories to maximize the portrayal of each of her characters, per Cheatsheet. “When we look at the heavy Scorpio influence within her chart, we can understand her hardcore dedication to acting, including her 100-page journals on each character that she agrees to portray,” explains Stardust. “This intense form of dedication is where her Scorpio energy shines through, with Scorpio energy in her Rising, Mars, and Venus placements.”

Scorpio is also ruled by Mars in traditional astrology, making this energy especially powerful according to Stardust. “Scorpio was traditionally ruled by Mars before modern astrology correlated it to Pluto’s energy, but Mars is the planet of aggression, explaining Sydney’s affinity for mixed martial arts,” she says.

Scorpio Venus

Your Venus sign is associated with love, beauty, and aesthetics, so it typically shows up in your fashion sense as well as in relationships. Sweeney’s Venus sign is stationed in the passionate and private sign of Scorpio. As a Scorpio Venus, aesthetics are important to Sweeney, which is validated by her deep passion for design and antique furniture. For those with such an intense Venus placement, it’s not enough to be interested in something — they need to fully immerse themselves in every one of their hobbies.

“Take, for example, Sydney’s relationship to Jonathan Davino,” Stardust says. “Don’t hold your breath for a lengthy post or public displays of affection from someone with this much Scorpio energy in their chart!” Sweeney and Davino are engaged, People reported in March 2022, but have mostly kept their relationship out of the spotlight.

Between her tough exterior and passionate heart, it’s clear Sweeney isn’t scared to try new things, and she’s driven to succeed. Her Scorpio-dominated chart affords her the grit needed to fully immerse herself in a variety of hobbies, while her earth placements keep her grounded in case she gets too caught up in the intensity.

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