TALK OF THE TOWN: Hayley Atwell causes a stir walking through Rome

TALK OF THE TOWN: Hayley Atwell causes a stir walking through Rome in £750 platform shoes while on a break from filming Mission Impossible 7

Now this is how you do social distancing in style! Hayley Atwell looked like she had stepped straight off the catwalk when she took a break from filming the latest Mission: Impossible movie with Tom Cruise to do a spot of touristing in Rome.

She pounded the cobbled streets in her Clergerie platform derby shoes, which will set you back £750, and sensibly hung her handbag across her body while exploring the Italian capital, which is unfortunately notorious for pickpockets.

She wore a navy patterned jumper, while her black face mask was complemented by a pair of Miu Miu oversized cat-eye tortoiseshell glasses, at £250. 

If you’re worried that the mask was not fitted quite snugly enough over her nose, it was just a temporary blip and she was fully covered on the rest of her jaunt.

Hayley Atwell, pictured, took a break from filming Mission Impossible 7 in Rome to go on a shopping trip while wearing £750 shoes and £250 sunglasses 

Hayley was later seen in a classic Fiat 500 being driven by co-star Tom Cruise while on the set of Mission Impossible 7

The next day, the 38-year-old actress was spotted in a classic Fiat 500 with Tom as they shot scenes for Mission: Impossible 7, which is slated for release later next year.

Filming for the action movie was halted in Italy earlier this year after cases of coronavirus rose sharply.

It’s not easy being a rock star’s kid – just ask Anais Gallagher. 

The 20-year-old says people assume she is a hellraiser like her parents, Noel Gallagher and Meg Mathews. ‘I’ve not got apartments that I’ve tried to rent – the landlord’s thinking I’m going to have mad ones every night,’ she moans. 

‘My ex-boyfriend’s family were like, “Does she drink a lot? Does she do drugs?” I don’t drink. Having parents who’ve been a bit crazy made me go the opposite way.’

My lips are sealed, but… 

Which younger sister of a female superstar has told her friends that she is considering signing up to OnlyFans, the website used by glamour models to sell nude images to private subscribers?

The mystery girl has been moaning that her career as an influencer simply isn’t making enough money to match her lifestyle…

Her big sister doesn’t usually have a problem with naked ambition – but I don’t think she’s going to approve!

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