Tamar Braxton 911 Call Raises Many Questions, Concerns

As previously reported, Tamar Braxton was hospitalized last week due to an alleged suicide attempt.

The singer and reality show star was found unconscious in her hotel room by boyfriend David Adefeso, who called 911 and told the operator that Braxton had tried to take her own life.

But this is where things get weird…

According to TMZ insiders, Adefeso had viewed the pilot episode and promo late last week for his girlfriend’s new reality show, Get Ya Life! — and he was very unhappy with the results.

Specifically, Adefeso was angry about his portrayal on this series and he made those feelings known to Tamar.

Fast forward to the 911 call and Adefeso taking time on this call to discuss his problems with WeTV, Braxton’s reality show home for years.

As you might be able to guess, those close to Braxton found it highly unusual for David to be talking about such concerns with a 911 operator… while his girlfriend was lying on the floor, close to death.

Adefeso is reportedly closely involved in Braxton’s business endeavors.

The artist’s family members have also told these same sources that Braxton’s moods of late have often been tied to those of Adefeso.

In regard to the aforementioned new series and the pilot previously cited?

TMZ writes that David comes across “demanding and controlling” on the episode — and that it also centers on Braxon taking a spiritual healing journey, which included no sex for 45 days, something that really bothered Adefeso.

How does all this play into Braxton’s suicide attempt?

We can’t say for certain, but the implication would be that Adefeso’s dissatisfaction and obsession with the upcoming program had been negatively affecting Tamar for quite awhile.

According to another recent report, Braxton sent a scathing letter to WeTV executives not long before last week’s tragic incident.

This letter blamed WeTV for putting her family in “disarray,” wiith Braxton explaining:

“We fight with each other, we betray each other, and now we’re physically assaulting each other.

“All happening because your show [‘Braxton Family Values’] has chosen to show the absolute worst side of a strong, independent and successful African American family.”

She accused producers of “[coaching and cajoling] us into finding the worst in each other.”

Elsewhere, Braxton lashed out and said that “the final stake into the heart of my family” was “the day you dug up a secret I’d never shared with anyone.”

According to Tamar, this was “a secret I was so ashamed to talk about that I hid it even from my own mom.

“The fact that I had been assaulted and raped repeatedly from age 6 to age 16, sometimes multiple times a day.”

Braxton said producers had “exposed it on your show in front of my entire family and 100 crew members” and added:

“You broke me that day and I considered ending my own life then for the shame I felt!”

This is how Tamar concluded her letter:

“I have news for you! Today, I take my power back. I will no longer tolerate being oppressed. I am asking you to break the chains NOW and LET ME GO I am suffocating! I CAN’T BREATHE!!”

In response to these allegations, a WeTV spokesperson said:

“We are keeping her and her family in our thoughts and prayers and joining with her fans sending strength and healing at this difficult time.”

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