Taylor Swift Dropped So Many Easter Eggs During Her Stephen Colbert Interview

Soooooo, the other night Taylor Swift showed up on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for what appeared to be a casual chat about re-recording Fearless. Nothing to see here, right? WRONG. Fans are convinced that the interview was littered with Easter eggs, which on the one hand seems unlikely, but on the other hand makes total sense and is a very Taylor Swift move.

As Just Jared notes, Taylor dropped a few mentions of New York City, which fans think could have been subtle references to “Welcome to New York,” which in turn could have been a subtle indication that 1989 will be the next album she re-records.

On top of that, Tay 1) referenced the street address for The Colbert Report being 513 and 2) there was a vague reference to Stephen’s birthday, which is May 13 aka 5/13. So naturally, everyone’s out here thinking that 1989 is gonna be re-released on May 13, which is so soon!

Also, this complicated math stuff happened on Twitter, which, truly, all the coffee in the world could not help me understand:

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