Teen Mom OG’s Catelynn Lowell Credits Better Mental Health For Getting Her Through Second Traumatic Miscarriage

Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom OG included a very important conversation about mental health and pregnancy loss. Sadly, these are topics reality star Catelynn Lowell knows all too well…

In the emotional episode, the MTV personality recounted what filming during her miscarriage in November 2020 was like, and how she was actually in a better headspace to handle the trauma than ever before. The mom shared the moment she knew something was wrong, saying in a confessional:

“So I woke up from a nap today and I was bleeding, so we miscarried this baby. It’s hard, period. Anybody who has been through it knows how difficult and heartbreaking it is. It just sucks because we were really excited.”

But opposed to her 2017 pregnancy loss that led to suicidal thoughts, the 29-year-old felt more in control of herself. She explained the difference between the two instances, adding:

“The reason why I got triggered when I had the first miscarriage was because it was losing a child all over again.”

This, of course, refers to her first pregnancy when she was just a teenager. Together with her now-husband Tyler Baltierra, the couple welcomed Carly into the world in 2009 during an episode of 16 and Pregnant. They gave her up for adoption because of their youthful age, though they still keep in contact with her and the adopted family. On that loss, the mother continued:

“That trauma from being 16 years old and handing your child away to somebody really got triggered and it brought up all sorts of emotions. It’s just crazy what your mind can do. How it holds on to these things and brings them out in different ways.”

Ugh. We cannot imagine that pain. And now having to go through that again, especially in the crazy year that was 2020, is awful! But she also had the full support of her family (including kiddos Nova, 6, and Vaeda, 2). Tyler said his first reaction was:

“Obviously, I’m sad about the miscarriage, but my mind automatically went to, ‘Are you OK?’”

Luckily, his wife’s been doing much better than before. Lowell did reflect on what this pregnancy may mean for her lost little one, adding:

“Maybe that little soul wasn’t ready to come in yet. Or maybe the next time will be a different soul or the same soul. I don’t really know.”

To end the show on a lighter note, though, fans finally got to witness how the couple found out they were pregnant again. If you missed it: the pair are expecting a girl!! And the way Tyler found out is so sweet — watch (below)!

Adorbz! And with that flashback, fans totally get a good picture of how things have changed for Cate this time around. So great! Just goes to show that mental strength is as important as physical strength!!

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