Teen Mom: Who’s Getting Fired?

Perhaps no reality series on television has a more unusual cast dynamic than the shows that make up the Teen Mom franchise.

For many, if not most, of the women who star on the TM and TM2, this is the only job they've ever had.

(For the moment, we're not counting side hustles, such as memoirs and podcasts, as those are mostly made possible by the show.)

In spite of — or perhaps because of this fact — the Moms often put their employers to the test in ways that most young people with cushy, six-figure gigs wouldn't dream of.

As a result some of the show's biggest ratings magnets have been cut loose with little warning.

Wondering who might end up on the unemployment line (or scraping by on sponsored content deals) next?

Well, wonder no longer:

1.The Lucky Ones

2.Working Hard … To Get Fired

3.Farewell, Farrah

4.Soda Jerk

5.Farrah Live!

6.So Many Good Reasons

7.Another Sound Decision

8.Hanging On By Thread

9.Dead Dog, Traumatized Kids

10.Good Riddance

11.A Brief Tenure

12.Good Riddance, Part 2

13.Back to Wasilla

14.Cheyenne Floyd

15.Catelynn and Tyler

16.A Difficult Decision

17.Amber Portwood

18.Not Going Anywhere

19.Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney

20.A Package Deal

21.Mackenzie McKee

22.Chelsea Houska

23.She's Safe

24.Leah Messer

25.Briana DeJesus

26.Kailyn Lowry

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