Tekashi69 breaks Instagram records with 2million views as he defends snitching

Tekashi69 went on Instagram Live to defend himself over ‘snitching’ during his trial and racked up two million views.

The record was last held by Tory Lanez’ Quarantine Radio with Drake, which had 310,000 viewers.

The rapper turned on other alleged members of the Nine Trey Bloods gang as part of a plea deal to cut down potential jail time.

Tekashi – real name Daniel Hernandez – was arrested in November 2018 and had faced 47 years in prison after admitting to joining the Nine Trey Bloods gang, which he contributed to financially.

6ix9ine said he didn’t understand how people hated him for his rapping or his hair colour, but was okay with people hating him for ‘snitching’.

He ranted: ‘I appreciate every little thing and I did nothing wrong. Yes, I didn’t need all of that beef. I’m the biggest artist in the f**king world.

‘Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Look at the viewers, look up. Two million. Numbers don’t lie.’

The star also said that he didn’t owe anyone loyalty when they [gang members] allegedly didn’t do anything for him.

He said: ‘Were was the loyalty when you were caught on the wire tap trying to kill me, where was the loyalty when you were trying to kidnap my mother, where was the loyalty when you stole a million dollars from me?

‘Where was that? So who broke it first? I get it, don’t fight fire with fire. I’m sorry, but what did I do wrong? Be loyal to n***** who f***in’ my baby mums?

‘Be loyal to n***** that kidnapped me, beat the s**t outta me on video and everything? I’m supposed to be loyal to that? Y’all don’t want to accept that those are true facts.’

When two gang members stood trial in September, Tekashi said that the video shoot for his hit song, Gummo, in August 2017 introduced him to Nine Trey Bloods members and he was shown stills from the clip and asked by prosecutors to identify those who appeared on camera.

At one point, Tekashi identified two men who were on trial – pointing at defendants Anthony ‘Harv’ Ellison and Aljermiah ‘Nuke’ Mack, saying they were Nine Trey Gang members. The U.S.

Attorney’s Office has previously labelled the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods ‘a violent New York City gang’.

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