The Celeb Reactions To The Supreme Court Protecting LGBTQ+ Workers Are So Joyful

On Monday, June 15, the Supreme Court officially ruled the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects LGBTQ+ employees from discrimination in the workplace. The landmark ruling will protect millions of workers nationwide from being fired because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. According to ABC News, before the decision, laws explicitly prohibiting employers from discriminating LGBTQ+ workers existed in less than half the states. After hearing the news, people celebrated the ruling on social media. The celeb reactions to the Supreme Court protecting LGBTQ+ workers will make you so happy.

The court’s Republican appointees John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch joined the court’s four Democratic appointees to deliver the 6-3 ruling. The decision comes after the Trump administration argued that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which prevents discrimination based on sex, did not include gender identity and sexual orientation.

The Supreme Court disagreed, writing:

Following the news, celebrities took to social media to applaud the Supreme Court’s decision.

"YES!! Thank you to the Supreme Court Justices who voted in favor and all the advocates who have fought so hard for this! We still have a long way to go to reach equality, but this is a beautiful step forward," Taylor Swift wrote.

"Just in: the #supremecourt decision maintains #TitleVII protections for LGBTQIA+. It is ILLEGAL TO FIRE A WORKER FOR THEIR SEXUALITY, GENDER OR GENDER EXPRESSION!" tweeted RuPaul’s Drag Race star Peppermint.

The cast of Netflix’s Queer Eye also shared their thoughts on the historic ruling. "It’s never been more imperative to pass the equality act," Antoni Porowski wrote.

"Thank you SCOTUS for restoring my faith in this country. Supreme Court rules that workers cannot be fired for being gay or transgender," Bobby Berk rejoiced.

"F*ck yes Supreme Court," Jonathan Van Ness tweeted, along with a pride flag emoji.

So many other celebs celebrated the win for the LGBTQ+ community, like Ellen DeGeneres, Lin Manuel Miranda, Karlie Kloss, and more.

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