The Daily Mail is so salty about Netflix’s social media for ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’

For years after Princess Diana’s death, there was a cottage industry in books written by people who were in her life in various ways, and there was also a market for any and all recordings and old interviews with Diana. Twenty years after her death, and those interviews and recordings were still being parcelled out to shows like Entertainment Tonight and the like. Diana actually agreed to private recordings many times in her life, not to mention the many unauthorized recordings of her. But Andrew Morton has extensive Diana Tapes, as do various people who tried to work with her, like speechwriters and public speaking specialists. Morton’s Diana Tapes were the ones used for Netflix’s Diana: In Her Own Words, which Netflix seemed to be offering as a companion piece to The Crown. Several days ago, Netflix posted this on Twitter:

— NetflixFilm (@NetflixFilm) December 1, 2020

As you can hear, this Diana speaking in very intimate terms about all of the misery Charles and Camilla put her through from the word go. The Crown is a drama, played by actors, and the official word from the palace is that The Crown is a work of complete fiction, complete dramatization. It is. The real story was A LOT worse. Well, now the Daily Mail suddenly cares DEEPLY about “social media trolls” and negative, hateful comments. It’s like they have no idea what happens in their own comment section?

Netflix has been accused of trolling the Royal Family after a ‘sinister’ post on its official social media account prompted a wave of online hate. Senior palace sources reacted with anger to the tweet, which invited viewers to watch a documentary on Princess Diana which they claimed would provide ‘answers’ to criticism of its flagship drama The Crown.

It was accompanied by a video that paints the Duchess of Cornwall in a particularly unedifying light by appearing to imply that she was seeking to remain romantically involved with Prince Charles right at the start of his marriage to Diana. The post has attracted a string of vile messages directed towards the Royal Family, which are still online despite the Daily Mail alerting Netflix to them more than 24 hours ago. Most of the comments are unprintable, targeted not just at Charles and Camilla, but also the Queen and Prince Philip.

A royal insider said: ‘It’s one thing to make a drama that not even the writer claims is entirely factual, but for Netflix to use its corporate social channels to create and post material that is one-sided at best feels like corporate trolling – it’s pretty sinister.’

Now Conservative peer Lord Forsyth of Drumlean has accused the US streaming giant of ‘crossing a line’. He said would raise the issue in the House of Lords and with the Prime Minister directly. Yesterday he wrote to broadcasting watchdog Ofcom complaining of the ‘hurtful, false, misleading and poisonous impression of people in our public life who cannot fight back’. He called for Netflix to be regulated in the UK in line with other broadcasters.

Lord Forsyth said: ‘What they are doing is absolutely shocking. It is mendacious and it is untrue. And as every day goes by without any action on the issue, more and more people are seeing this programme, and unfortunately people believe this stuff to be fact. If Netflix are also using a corporate account in that way [to deliberately publicise negative programmes about the Royal Family] then the case for regulation is even stronger. They [Netflix] can’t continue to say, ‘This is drama, this is not our fault’. They are clearly using a programme which is sensationalist and mendacious to promote their commercial interests. The royals do not have a right to reply. This is damaging, nasty and unpleasant stuff.’

But there are serious concerns – both in and out of the palace – that the show has already done irrevocable damage to the monarchy. And Netflix has now used one of its Twitter accounts, NetflixFilm, to promote a documentary, Diana: In Her Own Words, based on audio tapes she secretly made for biographer Andrew Morton. Its tweet stated: ‘The documentary answers much of what you’re asking.’ The post was accompanied by carefully edited real footage with a voiceover by the late princess, painting Camilla in a negative light.

Netflix declined to comment when asked this week if it had a vendetta against the Royal Family or whether it was appropriate for a corporate account to advertise its programmes in this way.

[From The Daily Mail]

Can you even imagine the Daily Mail “alerting” Netflix to the anti-monarchy comments left on Netflix’s social media? And the Mail asking Netflix’s PR department if Netflix has a “vendetta” against the Windsors??? LMAO!!!! This is all too hilarious. The Daily Mail is a racist, misogynist rag which actively incites hatred against many people, and the Mail was a huge part in the racist smear campaign against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. But now they’re positioning themselves as a paragon of pro-monarchy integrity. It’s insane.

As for Lord Forsyth huffing and puffing and the damn government getting involved with all of this… you British peeps need a damn constitution. The British government has zero business getting involved with “Netflix is being mean to royals!” Oh, and “The post was accompanied by carefully edited real footage with a voiceover by the late princess, painting Camilla in a negative light.” DIANA painted Camilla in a negative light, NOT NETFLIX. My God, these people.

— The Economist (@TheEconomist) December 3, 2020

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