The Top 10 Most Popular Stars of 2020 Revealed, According to IMDb’s Data!

IMDb (the Internet Movie Database) has revealed the top ten stars of 2020 according to their site data.

According to the site, they got their rankings using rankings on their STARmeter chart.

These are “the 10 stars who consistently ranked highest on the IMDbPro STARmeter chart throughout 2020,” the site revealed. According to the site, these 10 actors and actresses were searched for the most throughout the past year.

Many of the names on this list are very recognizable from their work with Netflix and several have had a huge year, despite the Coronavirus pandemic.

Who is your fave star on this list? Sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

Click through the slideshow to see the 10 biggest stars in 2020 according to IMDb’s website data…

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