The truth about Paris Hilton and Aleks Novakovic’s relationship

Paris Hilton’s YouTube documentary This is Paris gives an unprecedented look into the socialite turned international DJ’s life and nothing is off limits — not even her former relationship with Aleks Novakovic, aka Aleks Supernova. In the documentary, we learn how the brief relationship came to be and how it all fell apart so quickly. Luckily for viewers, the documentary’s director, Alexandra Dean, captured the downfall of their relationship all while the cameras were rolling. 

In the documentary, Hilton disclosed that the pair met one another while at a music festival in Miami. “I thought he was handsome,” Hilton sheepishly admitted in the film. “He’s visited me in L.A. twice, which is a big deal to me, because after my last relationship, I was basically planning on being single the rest of my life. But I don’t want to be seen in public together yet. I’m not ready for that.” Ultimately, the couple managed to keep much of their relationship out of the public eye. Until now, of course. Keep reading after the jump to learn exactly how the relationship played out on camera and why Hilton wasn’t quite ready to go public with her new beau.

Paris Hilton 'has a real tough time trusting people'

At one point in the long-awaited documentary This is Paris, Paris Hilton’s equally famous sister and former nightlife partner-in-crime, Nicky Hilton Rothschild, speaks candidly about her sister’s overwhelming trust issues. “I think one of her biggest struggles is trust. She’s been betrayed so many times so she has a real tough time trusting people and letting people in.” After all, who could forget Hilton’s allegedly leaked sex tape with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon? And we can see her sister’s claims aren’t exaggerated during the scene where Hilton installs spy cameras before her new boyfriend comes over to stay in her home.

But maybe Hilton’s intuition wasn’t entirely wrong. Later in the documentary, moments before she’s set to go on stage to perform at one of her biggest DJ appearances yet, Tomorrowland, the two engage in a nasty lovers’ quarrel. According to Forbes, the altercation first pops off when Novakovic scolds Hilton for not giving him enough attention. As she walks toward the stage, Hilton begs him to stop the antics. “I love you, please, just stop, my gig starts in three minutes,” she urges. When that doesn’t work, she employs a more aggressive approach. “Are you psychotic?” she screams. “Oh my God, stop!” Hilton then demands that her security team remove his wrist bands before physically trying to remove them herself. In the next shot, viewers can see Novakovic being physically put into a van and whisked off the premises. YIKES. 

Director Alexandra Dean referred to Paris Hilton and Aleks Novakovic's altercation as 'crazy'

But what was it it like filming such an explosive moment between the couple? In an interview with TooFab, director Alexandra Dean admitted that the scene was hard to watch. “It was truly crazy and electrifying to see, let alone film,” she acknowledged. “But you could see [Aleks Novakovic] really pushes her to the edge and Paris [Hilton] really puts down a boundary for the first time. I think everyone feels what I feel watching it, which is, yeah, finally, put down a boundary, be yourself. Respect your own boundaries, you know?”

Dean also recognized that Novakovic was probably equally humiliated by the footage, but she still believes that he ultimately put her in an unfair position opting to pick a fight with her “at a time she was going out in front of 80,000 people.”

But when the time came, Dean claims that Hilton was fine with allowing the footage to air. “She knew she didn’t have the right to, but she could have pleaded with me. She could have cried, she could have kicked her feet, she could have said no Tomorrowland,” Dean conceded. “There was definitely a moment where she wanted to do that and she didn’t. I have huge respect for her after that.” 

Watch all of the drama — argument and all — unfold exclusively on Hilton’s YouTube channel. 

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