The Tweets About TXT’s "Blue Hour" Video Are Praising Its Fairytale Visuals

TXT has officially made their second comeback of 2020! On Monday, Oct. 26, they released their EP miniside1: BlueHour, along with the music video for their lead single. The tweets about TXT’s "Blue Hour" video say it’s so aesthetically pleasing that it feels like a dream world.

Fans knew this EP was going to be something special when TXT revealed it was inspired by how much the world has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to a press release, the third track off the mini album, "We Love The Summer," describes the "daily lives of teenagers who are living a completely changed life" due to COVID-19. TXT’s concept photos reflected this theme by focusing on how people are relying on technology now more than ever in order to communicate.

Fans couldn’t wait to hear what the rest of the songs were about and if they were going to follow a similar theme. As it turns out, TXT’s title track is about living life in the moment. In the song, the guys take time to appreciate the "blue hour," aka, the time at 5:53.

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