The untold truth of Mia Maples

YouTuber Mia Maples, also known by her fans and followers as Ivorygirl48, is a young, successful YouTube sensation. The blonde and bubbly content creator went viral on the online media platform shortly after she began creating and uploading makeup videos. Those vlogs together have amassed hundreds of millions of views. Maples boasts an impressive “chameleon channel” as she likes to “try out lots of videos, not just makeup and fashion,” according to the star. Although, she does really love creating content about cosmetics and fashion.

Maples has several playlists on her YouTube channel, including “Testing” (arguably one of her most popular playlist), “I Spent Big Money on Questionable Websites,” and “Testing Products.” It’s thanks to her trendy fashion sense, online budget-shopping savvy, and combined talents for cosmetology and video creation that she’s racked up a bunch of views and followers on YouTube alone. Curious to know more about the fashionista? Read on for the untold truth of Mia Maples.

This is when Mia Maples got started on YouTube

Mia Maples has been a member on YouTube since Valentine’s Day 2013, according to her channel. She posted her first video — “Neutral Smokey Eye ~ Great for Beginners!” — just two days later. In the video, Maples taught viewers how to apply eye makeup in order to achieve a toned-down smokey eye with a neutral color palette. She used a number of affordable drugstore products to accomplish the look, including Maybelline’s Color Tattoo, Eyeshadow Quad, and Color Whisper as well as Rimmel’s Scandal Eyes mascara.

For such a young makeup artist, the eye makeup turned out great (and better than the video quality, of course). Flash forward to June 2020 and fans continue to find and comment on Maple’s very first video — and they still seem to be enjoying her smokey eye makeup tips. We’re just glad she’s moved on from her zebra-print background. Oh, the 2010s.

Mia Maples' YouTube channel has millions of subscribers

Since launching her YouTube channel in 2013, Mia Maples has amassed many subscribers and, given her track record, we anticipate an even bigger following in the future. As of this writing, Maples has a whopping 2.72 million subscribers to her YouTube channel. 

Maples didn’t always anticipate this kind of fame, though. In May 2019, when the YouTuber hit a major milestone on her channel, she tweeted, “Two million subscribers … Absolutely insane! Never in a million years did I think this dream would ever materialize, let alone like this, or to this extent.” Maples further explained that she considers herself blessed to have so many fans. “My passion is making YouTube videos; I eat, sleep, and breathe it … I love it,” she revealed.

Although the YouTube landscape may change frequently, Maples expressed her desire to continue vlogging for as long as possible. “I am going to continue to push myself every day to make better and better content for you all and show you more and more of myself,” she added.

How much does Mia Maples make?

Mia Maples’ stardom has grown so big that she even started a second YouTube channel — The Boring Life of Memo — in September 2019. As of early June 2020, the channel had already attracted nearly 150,000 subscribers who, apparently, don’t think her life is all that boring.

Between her original channel and this second channel, Maples reportedly earns a generous income. According to The Frisky, the multitalented YouTuber is believed to make anywhere between $3,000 to nearly $49,000 per month, with an annual income estimated as high as $583,000. David Burch, a TubeMogul spokesman, explained to The New York Times that ads generate YouTubers roughly $2,000 per one million views, but almost half of that goes to YouTube.

Of course, ads aren’t the sole way Maples makes money. Like other successful YouTube stars, Maples likely earns a majority of her income through affiliate marketing and brand collaborations. She also sells her own merch on FanJoy. These pieces include her signature “I’m Sorry” sweatshirt, sweatpants, and T-shirt, as well as a sunflower phone case that her fans adore. It seems as though the young talent is quite the businesswoman.

Mia Maples may just be a millionaire

Mia Maples’ net worth is reportedly estimated at about $1 million, according to The Frisky. Similarly, based on estimations of Maples’ YouTube advertising revenue and her channel’s audience, Statsmash calculated the star’s net worth in June 2020 to be $1.3 million. Her day-to-day earnings sit around the several-hundred mark, according to Statsmash, which reported that she earns upwards of nearly $700 per day on some days (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Maples is certainly getting up there with YouTube’s elite, who each earn tens of millions of dollars. The top ten highest-paid YouTube stars of 2019 include famous faces like Evan Fong, DanTDM, PewDiePie, and Ryan Kaji. Kaji, who sits at the top of the Forbes‘ list, reportedly earns $26 million. Although Maples still has a long way to go before she catches up to Kaji, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine her status growing. As her subscribers continue to increase, as will her income.

Mia Maples' fans love her for testing cheap clothes and makeup brands

Fans love when Mia Maples shares vlogs in which she tests cheap clothes and makeup brands. Maples was even featured on AwesomenessTV just to try on clothes under $8 from Amazon. On her own YouTube channel, Maples tries a lot of clothing from, an online marketplace. In fact, Maples has a whole playlist dedicated to Wish product tests. The fashion guru was actually featured in an episode on well-known YouTube star Tati’s channel in the vlog “Wish Haul Makeover ft. Mia Maples.” “Mia is known for [her Wish videos,” Tati said in the video, to which Maples laughed. 

“I didn’t know that I was known for them until coming to L.A. and everyone talks to me and is like, ‘Oh, you’re the Wish girl,'” Maples responded to the star. And when Maples polled her Twitter followers about what kinds of videos they wanted to see more of, many asked her to keep on doing those beloved Wish vids.

Mia Maples has had some missteps in her career

While the world seems to love Mia Maples for her fun-loving personality that shines through in her tutorials, she’s still only human. Like all of us, she’s made some mistakes. In March 2020, Maples shared a video titled “Transforming Myself Into A E-Girl” in which she unwittingly used a photo of Bianca Devins, who, according to Rolling Stone, was murdered.

Maples later tweeted: “I used the example pictures just based solely on [the fact that] they were the first pictures that came up when I googled the term ‘E-girl.’ I had no idea of the absolutely horrible things that had been done to Bianca.”

Maples explained that her heart was absolutely broken after reading about Devins’ death. While the world can be such a dark place at times, Maples prayed that Devins is in a better place where no one can hurt her. She also extended a warm apology to Devins’ family, emphasizing that she meant no disrespect in using their daughter’s picture. Knowing what she now knows, she said that she’d never have used Devin’s photograph in her video as “any example other than a person whose life was taken too soon and wrongfully.”

When Mia Maples lost her YouTube verification, it hit hard

Being verified on any media platform is kind of a big deal, ICYDK. For celebrities and influencers alike, getting that little blue checkmark next to their names can help them to establish credibility with their followers. A verified social media account, after all, just looks more official than a non-verified social media account, doesn’t it? Well, Mia Maples was able to get verified on YouTube after several years of working hard and creating content, though she couldn’t seem to hang onto it. Unfortunately, Maples’ verification was taken away and, when it was, it hit her quite hard.

She took to Twitter to share her feelings on the matter. In September 2019, the YouTuber tweeted, “After seven years of working on my channel, I remember this year I was SUPER excited to be verified. It just felt like YouTube had validated me as a creator … Sad to report that, today, I got unverified.” Maples apparently wasn’t the only one to have her verification removed. A fan chimed in to support the star, saying there’d been “a lot of people getting unverified because of the new rules.”

Mia Maples is a Pisces, but that doesn't mean much to her

Whether or not you’re into horoscopes, you probably know your star sign. Although Mia Maples isn’t all that well-versed in astrology, she revealed that she’s a Pisces water sign in her YouTube video “My Zodiac Sign Decides How I Get Ready/What to Wear.” After watching a YouTube series about dressing up according to one’s star sign, Maples decided to get in on the action.

“I’m not really the type to know much about zodiac signs,” she said in the video. “I’m kind of the person who doesn’t really pay attention to zodiac signs; it definitely doesn’t influence my life — like who I’m going to be friends with, who I’m going to date, and that kind of thing. But I do think this video is going to be a lot of fun.”

Maples used existing zodiac charts that she found on the internet to apply makeup, style her hair, and get dressed accordingly. Though astrology admittedly doesn’t mean much to the makeup maven, she did end up loving her makeup look by the end of the video (her outfit, not so much).

Mia Maples is very close with her family

It’s no secret that Mia Maples is close to her family. But sometimes you don’t get to see just how close these YouTube stars are to their families when you only get to know their parents and siblings through their vlogs. However, Maples features her family quite often.

She once had her whole family do her voiceover for a makeup tutorial (which was hilarious, by the way). Her brothers, Elijah and Tate as well as Elijah’s wife, Hannah, and Maples’ parents all helped her to create the video. Fans of Maples would have already known Tate from her earlier videos. In fact, in her second video on the platform, she was brave enough to let Tate do her makeup. 

It’s clear that Maples is close with her parents, in particular, as she regularly posts about them on social media. On Instagram, she’s called her dad her “#1 fan,” saying that she “really hit the dad jackpot.” She has also said on Instagram that she “can’t even put into words how blessed [she feels] to have such a loving, protective, devoted, and supportive mom.”

Mia Maples is proud of her Canadian roots

Canadians are often stereotyped as being super friendly, generally very nice, and overall pretty positive people. And, well, if that’s as true as people assume, Mia Maples seems to be as Canadian as a Canadian can get. She’s so Canadian, in fact, that her own Canadian friends call her “so Canadian.”

Maples was featured on YouTuber and fellow Canadian friend Molly Burke’s YouTube channel in which Burke joked about how stereotypically Canadian Maples is. When laughing about how Maples doesn’t seem to have a brand that she doesn’t like (or clothes that she doesn’t at least make the best of), Burke said, “You’re so Canadian! You’re like, ‘It’s nice, I like it!’ Like the kind Canadian in you just can’t be a harsh critic about anything.”

You can tell that Maples is quite proud of her Canadian roots, as well — and with the last name Maples how could you not? The YouTuber even includes a Canadian flag emoji in her Twitter bio.

Mia Maples moved out when she was a teenager

Mia Maples was only 19 years old when she bought her first house, which she shared with her brother, Tate, according to one of her YouTube videos. Maples told her viewers that she wasn’t initially planning on sharing her move; she was just going to dive into her new place on her own. But she ultimately decided that she thought it’d be an interesting and fun series, and her fans seem to agree. After all, her very first episode in the series got over a million views.

So why did Maples move at such a young age? Well, she needed more space. Her filming room at her parents’ house was becoming overwhelming given how many products she had to test and the equipment she uses. “I was starting to feel very stressed out and I would feel like, when I was filming, I was tripping over items,” she said in her video.

Maples’ father recommended that she and her brother buy instead of rent because they were in a buyer’s market at the time, she explained. While getting their mortgage approved wasn’t easy, she admitted, the YouTuber is confident in her decision to buy.

Mia Maples took online classes to get her real estate license

While the YouTube sensation has already made it big in the online world, her dreams don’t stop there. Mia Maples wants to achieve more in her lifetime than becoming a top-followed fashionista and beauty influencer on YouTube. While many people would be content with sitting pretty on a fortune and online fame, Maples has made other plans for herself.

In her video about moving into her own house that she bought with her brother, Maples revealed that she was taking online classes to get her realtor license. To hush any doubt about her ability to suss out the housing market, she let her viewers know that she did indeed know what she was doing thanks to her training. While it’s unknown if she finished her schooling or received her license, we’re excited for her to be chasing even more of her dreams. We have no doubt that she’ll be successful in whatever career — on or off YouTube — she chooses to cultivate.

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