Tom Fletcher children: McFly star on life in lockdown with family – ‘It’s been amazing’

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Tom Fletcher is well known for his career in music, fronting McFly alongside Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd. caught up with the musician to see how he has been coping amid lockdown with his young family.

Talking exclusively to, Tom opened up on how lockdown has been with sons Buzz, Max and Buddy and wife Giovanna Fletcher.

The McFly singer said: “Every parent will know it’s been challenging but in many ways its been amazing because we have had this time together as a family that we never would have.

“We have three kids we have always had two of them at school, so we have had family time that we have never had before which has been amazing, but obviously you know all the homeschooling stuff and keeping three kids occupied, it has its challenges but were getting by.”

The singer went on to say how he has bonded with his sons over lockdown with the use of LEGO.

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He added: “LEGO has saved the day time and time again because it’s creative keeps their mind occupied, and for them, its fun and I think that’s the key to keep them creative and enjoying it.

“Me and Buzz have for a long, long time, since he was really young, had LEGO as something we have bonded over.

“It was the thing we would do after putting his younger brothers down for a nap, and me and him would go and spend an hour or two just being creative and building LEGO and talking.

“So its always been a father-son kinda bonding thing for us and something I had as a kid and grew up with.

“I feel there is something really special about having the same thing which was a part of my childhood now be a part of my parenthood and something I get to share with my kids.”

While Tom has been spending more time with his family, he admitted balancing his work has been “challenging”.

He said: “It’s been really challenging. My workload has always been full-on at the best of times, so we just realised: you know what? Your family always comes first and the idea of continuing with the workload that we had with the kids not being at school it was just impossible, so now day time is family time and when the kids go to bed that’s when we work.

“It’s the only way we can really do it so we have just had to prioritise the work we’re doing and know what we want to focus on.

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“What’s nice about that is you can just forget your work responsibilities in the day, and you just have family time.

“There is something about when the kids and the world are asleep because you’re not going to be disturbed, you know no one is emailing you, the phone isn’t ringing and I find that is when I’m most creative.”

Tom also revealed how 2020 was meant to see the return of McFly.

The McFly frontman said: “We haven’t been a band properly for the last four years, and so this was our return to being McFly again.

“Luckily we recorded all of the album literally just before lockdown started.

“We managed to get all the recording done and then we thought well we don’t want to not release it, our last album came out 10 years ago and so we have waited 10 years to release this one.

“People need music you know. Its the thing that has got me through these difficult times and so we wanted to release and put the music out there and when its safe to tour again we will tour again.”

The McFly boys have gone on to become well known away from the band.

Tom himself runs a successful Youtube channel and is a children’s author.

Bandmate Harry, meanwhile, danced his way to win the Glitterball trophy on Strictly Come Dancing in 2011.

Dougie also appeared on a reality TV show and was crowned King of the Jungle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!.

Danny has also become well known for judging on The Voice UK.

When asked if he would consider Strictly or I’m a Celeb, Tom said: “I can’t really because my bandmates have gone and won all the shows, so there is too much pressure.

“They were both very well suited to the shows. Danny being a coach on The Voice Kids is amazing, and it suits him you know. He has got an amazing voice and is a father now like that’s amazing.

“Harry was perfect for Strictly and Dougie… well should live in the jungle because he is like Mowgli that kid, so I don’t know if there is anything that I am suited to.

“I’m well suited to writing and staying at home and being with the family and my kind of outlet away from that is being in a band and on stage. Other than that I’m just not sure if it is really me.”

Tom Fletcher has partnered with LEGO on the launch of LEGO Super Mario, celebrating with the #CoinChallenge to get families up and down the country racing against the clock to collect as many coins as possible in 60 seconds.

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