Tom Jones recalls cruel punishment from dad to teach him a ‘lesson’ when he was younger

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Sir Tom Jones, 80, is a guest on the Jonathan Ross show tonight on ITV. The Welsh crooner will be opening up about his childhood, including how his father once punished him for behaving badly.

Sir Tom grew up in Treforest, Pontypridd in Wales where he spent his childhood years.

In a new interview, the star has reflected on this time, recalling how his father was a disciplinarian.

Speaking on the Jonathan Ross show, Sir Tom opened up about a particularly cruel punishment from his formative years.

He said of his early memories: “I remember being in a highchair because of the view from where you are, of the kitchen.

“I can see the kitchen from that vantage point.

“I can also see it [the kitchen] when my father put a belt around me and stuck me on the back of the door.”

The Welsh crooner then explained how this punishment came after his mum had said how he’d been behaving badly.

Sir Tom added: “He put it round my waist and hung me on the door like, ‘That’ll teach you a lesson’.”

The record-breaking singer does not often open up about his late father but has previously disclosed a few things about him.

Appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme back on April 24, he spoke a bit about his childhood.

Sir Tom explained how he had been taught by his Welsh miner father to “boo” Winston Churchill.

He said: “Growing up in Wales, you see, because of the 1926 strike, when [Churchill] was Chancellor of the Exchequer, my father never forgave him.

“So when I was a kid and we used to go to the movies and [Churchill would appear] on the newsreel, we were taught to boo Churchill and hooray for [Clement] Attlee.

“So I’m aware of politics in that way.”

Speaking to the New Statesman in April, the singer also explained how he may have followed his father’s career of mining had he not begun singing in pubs.

During the chat, Sir Tom also admitted how from a young age he wanted to drink beer with his father and grow up quickly.

He explained: “The culture that I was brought up in, you see, was drinking beer with my father and my uncles.

“I wanted to grow up – I wanted to be a man, desperately.

“They used to come to get my father on a Sunday morning, my uncles and cousins – the ones that were old enough to go. I wanted to be with him.”

Sir Tom is currently promoting his latest record, which saw him become the oldest man to land a UK number one album.

Called Surrounded By Time, this features the Welsh crooner covering some iconic songs.

The Jonathan Ross Show tonight at 9.35pm on ITV One.

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