Tony Shalhoub Thanks Healthcare Heroes After Going Through ‘Pretty Rough’ Battle With COVID-19

After reprising his classic TV role as Adrian Monk for ‘The At-Home Variety Show’, ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ star reveals that he and his wife caught the novel coronavirus in April.

AceShowbiz -Actor Tony Shalhoub is extra thankful for the work of healthcare “heroes” after he and his wife, Brooke Adams, endured a “pretty rough” battle with COVID-19 last month.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” star shared the news on Monday, May 11 as he joined the line-up on “The At-Home Variety Show”, a new web series airing on America’s Peacock streaming service.

During the remote appearance, Shalhoub reprised his classic TV role as Adrian Monk, a private police investigator known for his obsessive-compulsive disorder and fear of germs and contamination, and imagined how he would behave during the coronavirus pandemic.

Acting out the comedic scenario, Shalhoub donned surgical gloves on his hands and feet as he set about sterilising his whole apartment, even putting his fruit in the dishwasher and his mail in the microwave to kill off any germs.

The 66-year-old concluded the sketch by reappearing onscreen as himself, urging viewers to stay safe as he revealed how he and actress Adams had recently been struck down by the virus.

“I hope you are all being careful and following the protocol. We really are all Monk now,” Shalhoub remarked.

“Last month, my wife Brooke and I came down with the virus, and it was a pretty rough few weeks. But we realise that so many other people have and had it a lot worse.”

The star went on to encourage viewers to voice their gratitude to frontline staffmembers by adopting a daily ritual similar to that of New Yorkers and residents in Europe, where people on lockdown have taken to their balconies, rooftops, and open windows to applaud and cheer essential workers.

“Must be seven (pm) – time to go out and show our appreciation to all our heroes: the healthcare workers, the first responders. Let’s go,” he said, as he headed towards his own balcony. “Stay safe and stay sane.”

Monday’s episode of “The At-Home Variety Show” was the first of the month-long series, introduced by “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane, for NBC Universal’s new Peacock platform.

Shalhoub and Adams are the latest celebrities to overcome COVID-19 – Idris Elba, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, Sara Bareilles, and Pink are just some of the other famous faces to survive the health crisis.

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