Tucker Beathard Reveals He Is The Father Of A Two-Year-Old Girl

Tucker Beathard revealed on Monday that he has a two-year-old daughter named Sage.

Beathard started by saying on Twitter, “I don’t usually like posting a lot of real personal life things…but I wanna share this part of my life and testimony that most people probably don’t know.”

The country music star said that it was in November 2017 at the age of 22, when he was really stressed and overwhelmed trying to get out of a record deal, that he got a call saying that he was going to be having a kid in Seattle, Washington.

He said he was scared and hit his breaking point and “didn’t know what else to do other than finally surrender to Jesus Christ and ask him to meet me where I was and to take over my life.”

Sage was born on 2018 July 13, which Beathard describes as the greatest blessing he could possibly ask for in his life.

“Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful daughter Sage… now I just pray she doesn’t raise as much hell I as I did growing up,” the singer concludes the post without revealing who the child’s mother is.

The social media post includes a photo of him with the child.

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