Turns Out Harry and Meghan Almost Moved Into the Cambridges' New Home Adelaide Cottage

Prince William and Kate Middleton are about to move over to Windsor to be closer to the Queen, and apparently have their eye on Adelaide Cottage. There’s honestly been a lot of back and forth about where the Cambridges would live, but—despite some drama—Adelaide Cottage makes the most sense for the couple. And fun fact! Turns out Prince Harry and Meghan Markle almost lived there.

The Sun notes that back in 2018, a source told the following to the Daily Mail :

Obviously, Harry and Meghan didn’t move there, and instead chose to live at Frogmore Cottage before moving to Canada and eventually the United States. Meaning, the home is currently available for Wills and Kate.

The Sun reports that the cottage doesn’t require any costly renovations, and that the Cambridges have decided not to have live-in staff.

Their move has been somewhat dramatic, though, due to sources “close to the Yorks” telling Daily Mail that Princess Eugenie “had been trying to secure Adelaide Cottage for a while for when she moves out of Frogmore.” Awk.

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