Twitter Is About To Start Charging For Tweets With New 'Super Follows'

Is this the end of an era? Or is Twitter just following in line with what other social media sites have been doing for years?

On February 25, the tweeting mogul posted a new announcement about their next venture. This time, it sounds like we’re getting something akin to a Patreon — called Super Follows — where users and groups can offer special tweets for their fans in exchange for financial support.

Huh. So, this honestly sounds like it could be a wonderful opportunity, especially for creatives, to offer some of their content. The thing is though, the general responses we’ve seen from the public commenting on this announcement have been very mixed.

But first, ch-ch-check out the tweet (below) discussing the announcement:

Okay, and now to discuss some of these comments, y’all! They are SUPER inneresting!! Some people seem to be all for this — while others responded with some pushback.

One user compared the new program to Pay-Per-View TV with:

“Is this like a 280 character version of ‘Pay Per View’ TV? Apart from cracked software license codes or stolen credit card numbers, what tweets could possibly be worth paying for? I’m sure some celebs will find a bunch of people to pay for their musings.”

While another seemed more enthusiastic and understood the true value of this new setup. They wrote:

“Everyone’s missing the point on who/what this will benefit. Artists and content creators will run a patreon type deal to let people see exclusive content without having to move people to a different platform. I don’t think anyone will be selling or subscribing to funny tweets lol”

And yet another user made a comment about the costs of all these collective services on the Internet adding up. This person commented with:

“Yeow. Between the magazines, music services, movie streaming, random ebooks, twitch subs, game fees, cloud service space, office product fees, photo management storage fees, random wierdo pro apps and of course my yearly donation to Wikipedia, the internet is getting expensive.”

Yikes. So, uh, yeah, this is another cost that people would have to pay. But it DOES sound like it would generally be worth it, if used in the right ways and by the right people. Sounds like the general consensus though is that most people wouldn’t just be paying for some rando Twitter user.

Of course, we should also mention that RIP Twitter has been trending on the site. So, clearly there are people against Twitter charging users for anything.

Here’s a comical tweet from one user pointing out the trending hashtag:

But what do you think, Perezcious reader? Is this the end of Twitter? Or the beginning of something great?

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