Twitter Wrongly Attacks Wendy’s After CEO Donates $400K to Trump

#WendysIsOverParty is trending on the social media application after it’s reported that a supposed CEO of the restaurant chain backs Donald Trump’s reelection campaign.

AceShowbiz -Wendy’s is being attacked by social media users after an inaccurate report led people to believe that the franchise supports Donald Trump‘s reelection campaign. The article in question suggested that the company’s CEO, James Bondenstedt, had donated $440,000 to the president and the Republican National Committee.

Bondenstedt, in fact, is the CEO of Muy! Companies which operates several franchises, including Wendy’s, Pizza Huts and Taco Bells, employing more than 25,000 people nationwide. However, as is usual with franchise arrangements, Muy! has nothing to do with Wendy’s itself or with most actual Wendy’s restaurants.

Todd Penegor is the acting CEO of Wendy’s, and neither him nor Wendy’s itself has ever donated to Trump.

Nevertheless, the wrong news has caught the attention of democratic supporters, who have denounced the fast food chain on Twitter, making #WendysIsOverParty trending. “F**K WENDYS,” someone posted on the blue bird application.

“Well [s**t]. Looks like @Wendys supports #DictatorTrump. Shame I can never eat there again, I really enjoyed the 4 for $4,” another tweeted, adding, “Wendys supports a ‘man’ who supports turning the military on us and systemic racism.”

Another similarly declared, “Wendy’s is supporting Trump?! I’m not buying a nugget, frosty, nothing. F**k Wendy’s,” while someone else wrote, “I’m glad people are calling out all the companies that have donated to trumps campaign. I hope we all listen and stop supporting them until they make a change adding on to the #WendysIsOverParty.”

Some activists urged protesters to loot the restaurant, in addition to other businesses alleged to have supported Trump. “Y’all all like #WendysIsOverParty have the same energy for the rest of the Places that did the same,” one of them wrote. Another added, “To the man that drove through the Wendy’s on Montauk hwy a couple years ago….. your work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Thinkin about u a lil extra today king.”

Neither Wendy’s nor Muy! has responded to the donation report.

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