Tyler Hoechlin Films An Iconic Phone Booth Scene For ‘Superman & Lois’

Tyler Hoechlin looks super dapper as Clark Kent on the set of Superman & Lois on Wednesday (May 5) in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The 33-year-old actor was seen filming inside of a phone booth, which is a pretty iconic move for Superman, who often changes into his super suit in one.

Though he was spotted in the phone booth, we only got to see him as Clark, with his shirt buttoned all the way up.

The day before, Tyler was seen wearing a retro Superman suit, as he was seen filming a throwback for an upcoming episode. You can check out those photos here!

Superman & Lois is on a break from airing new episodes at the moment, and Supergirl‘s final season is airing in it’s place. Superman will fly back onto screens on Tuesday, May 18th, and Supergirl will go on hiatus until August, when the final season wraps up.

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