Ultimate Harry Potter quiz: How well do you know the iconic films?

So, think of yourself quite the Harry Potter buff, eh?

Despite no new Harry Potter books and films blessing our lives for years now, that doesn’t mean we’re not still enamoured with the Boy Who Lived (yes, yes, despite the chatter around author JK Rowling…).

With Harry Potter himself Daniel Radcliffe recently saying he hoped people would continue to be fans of the magical story, we thought we’d make sure we’re all across our Nimbuses and our Patronuses.

We’ve given you the ultimate Harry Potter pub quiz, in which you could craft your Zoom nights in during lockdown – but now the tables have turned.

Instead of you in the flying car, the wand is in the other hand and we’re testing your knowledge of the magical land known as Hogwarts (and beyond).

Because, after all, you’re a quizzard, Harry.

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