Um, Singer Allie X Really Thought Almond Milk and Root Beer Would Taste Good Together

If you haven’t been doing so already, I suggest that you use this quarantine to be adventurous in your kitchen. You can get crafty with your baking skills or throw together some savory, sweet, and bitter ingredients and hope for the best. Meanwhile, singer Allie X tried mixing almond milk and root beer (we love a go-getter gal!), buuut it didn’t turn out so pretty.

For this episode of Stir Crazy, we got Allie X to put together a mocktail using only five ingredients from her kitchen. She brought us along her journey to the fridge where she gathered up quite the diverse group of ingredients. The lucky five that made it on camera were: unsweetened almond milk, tocos (??), carob powder (??), golden milk, stevia, and root beer. Yup. I’m just as puzzled as you are right now.

Before she dived into her liquid experiment, she pulled out ye olde trusty VitaMix. I’m already feeling sorry for what that blender is going to have to go through. She then grabbed a tablespoon and just started dumping the strange mix in! May I point out that she literally poured in the ENTIRE can of root beer into the VitaMix?? My body was not ready for that. Moving on.

Once everything was combined, she poured the light-brown, sketchy AF looking mocktail into a glass and took a sip. Welp, she said it didn’t taste horrible so that’s somewhat promising?? Definitely need to Google what the heck some of these products are before I even think about whipping this up myself. Anyways…

Don’t forget to listen to her new song, ‘Cape God’ currently streaming everywhere right now!

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