Wahlbergers Star Henry 'Nacho' Laun's Tragic Cause Of Death Revealed

Such an awful and, as it turns out, preventable tragedy.

As you may have heard, the beginning of June brought us the sad news of the passing of Henry “Nacho” Laun, the extreme eater and scene stealer of A&E‘s Wahlburgers.

Nacho was one of Mark Wahlberg‘s OG entourage from back in Boston, but the advent of reality TV gave him a place to showcase his extreme personality — and go from hanger-on to celeb in his own right.

He died at the age of just 54 years old, following days in the hospital after a medical emergency. He had been found unconscious in his car, but until now we didn’t know what happened.

Well, now we do, but we can’t imagine it will bring anyone much solace.

TMZ obtained a copy of Laun’s death certificate, and the cause of death listed is “complications of acute cocaine intoxication” — what has been determined to be an “accidental” overdose of cocaine.

It’s also been revealed he was cremated last weekend. #RIP


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