What We Know About Mike Pence’s Health Struggle

So far, 2021 hasn’t been kind to former Vice President Mike Pence. Following the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection at Capitol Hill — where the former second-in-command to ex-President Donald Trump was excoriated by his boss and was involved in a potentially life-threatening situation at the hands of all who stormed the halls of Congress protesting the 2020 presidential election results  — Pence has been categorically castigated by members of the Republican party even after his return to his home state of Indiana. Now, Pence just faced another huge struggle — only this time, it’s due to his health.

According to an April 15, 2021 report by the New York Post, the former governor of Indiana is currently in recovery after undergoing major surgery. So what is the nature of Pence’s health woes? Read on after the jump to find out what’s going on with the ex-VP’s health struggles — and the specific procedure he underwent.

Mike Pence underwent this very important surgical procedure

As the New York Post reported in April 2021, Mike Pence is at the time of this writing recovering after undergoing a procedure to implant a pacemaker for his heart. Per the Post, a spokesperson for Pence relayed an official statement from the one-time VP, in which Pence said that he was “grateful for the swift professionalism and care of the outstanding doctors, nurses and staff at Inova Heart and Vascular Institute,” who oversaw the procedure. News of issues with Pence’s cardiological health were somewhat of a surprise to the American public, especially since, by all appearances, it had been kept tightly under wraps.

According to officials from Pence’s office, the politician had “experienced symptoms associated with a slow heart rate” for approximately two weeks leading up to the surgery. After a “consultation with his doctors,” Pence then agreed to undergo the procedure to install a pacemaker to resolve the situation, per the Post. Though the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute is located in Fairfax, Virginia, it is unclear as to whether Pence was transported from Indiana to Inova, or whether doctors from there flew to Pence’s home state to perform the operation.

Currently, there is no word from Donald Trump’s team on Pence’s surgery, though a statement looks unlikely. Only days before, Trump bashed Pence during a speech at a Mar-a-Lago event, stating he was “disappointed” in Pence for not supporting his claims of voter fraud. 

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