Who Is 'Power' Star Larenz Tate's Wife Tomasina Parrot?

Power first premiered in June 2014, and the Starz show became an instant sensation. The premise of the series revolved around the character James St. Patrick and his struggle to have it all.

James had dreams of being a successful nightclub owner but struggled to let go of his past. “Ghost”, James’ alias, kept the show’s protagonist intricately connected to the dark underbelly of the drug world. For six seasons, so many viewers eagerly watched as James navigated the complexities of coming from a drug dynasty but wanting to be a “legitimate” businessman.

Through the characters and their storylines, Power was able to portray the complicated layers that come with the past, present, and future. Take a look back at the remarkable cast of the Starz series and all the must-know details about Larenz Tate‘s wife Tomasina Parrott.

A closer look at the cast of ‘Power’

From the beginning, Power received a lot of praise and attention. Perhaps it had something to do with 50 Cent’s executive producer status, but, regardless, the series was definitely doing a lot of things right. 

Ghost, Tommy, Tasha, Angela, and Tariq are just a few of the series’ characters that so many viewers got to know and love. Omari Hardwick was the talented actor who took on the role of James St. Patrick. Lela Loren, who is well-known for her appearance on television shows like NCIS and Lost, was cast as Angela Valdes. Tasha, James’ wife on Power, was played by Naturi Naughton.

Many of Naughton’s fans and followers might know the star from her singing talents and Naughton’s days in the girl group 3LW. Councilman Rashad Tate’s complicated character was portrayed by Tate.

On the series, Tate, who joined Power during season 4, was known for his dirty politics and self-sabotaging ways. Take a closer look at the actor who plays this villain.

Larenz Tate’s most memorable moments in the spotlight

It is no secret that Tate’s character wasn’t extremely well-loved on Power. The councilman was known to be untrustworthy and, in some cases, murderous. Tate’s acting skills and honed craft truly seemed to bring the villain to life on screen. 

Tate, a Chicago native, has been acting for quite some time. His first on screen appearance came in 1985 on The Twilight Zone. Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, the actor appeared in television series such as 21 Jump Street, The Wonder Years, Family Matters, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

He started to land recurring roles on shows like The Royal Family and South Central. In between acting gigs, Tate even contributed to popular music videos for Will Smith and Ashanti. However, as time continued to pass, it became clear that Tate was passionate about the television industry.

The actor has landed an astounding amount of roles ranging from series like Rush to House of Lies. When it comes to acting, Tate is typically booked and busy, but what is going on with the Power star’s personal life? 

Who is ‘Power’ star Larenz Tate’s wife Tomasina Parrott?

For well over a decade, Tate has been married to Parrott, but many of his fans and followers might still be curious about the couple. As AmoMama pointed out, the pair tends to shy away from the public eye. With that being said, there isn’t a ton of information out there about the celebrity’s relationship. 

Tate and Parrott got married in 2006, and the couple now has a total of four children.

Parrott grew up in Long Beach and went on to become a dancer. Similar to James on Power, Parrott used “Geneva” as her performance alias. However, more recently, Parrott is known for her skills in the kitchen, specifically when it comes to baking. Sugar Fairy Bake Shop is the bakery in Calabasa that Parrott owns.

It is safe to say that both Tate and his wife lead very successful lives.

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