Who Was Tim Sullivan? ‘Floor Is Lava’ Pays Tribute to Late Producer

The new competition series Floor Is Lava is the latest sensation on Netflix and the first episode ends with an “In Memoriam” tribute for Tim Sullivan.

Wondering who Tim was?

Tim was a producer on Floor is Lava and he tragically died on May 18, 2019 after a battle with bile duct cancer.

After moving to Los Angeles in 2001, Tim worked at several major companies in the entertainment industry, including Disney and Magical Elves. He worked on such shows as Project Runway and Top Chef during his career.

Tim was survived by his wife Claire and their son Rory, who was born in 2016. A GoFundMe account is still active to help support Tim‘s family and pay for costs incurred during his battle with cancer.

Floor Is Lava takes the “floor is lava” meme to life by having teams move from one end of a room to another while leaping over obstacles. But if they fall into the lava on the floor, they are out. Read how people are reacting to the show on Twitter.

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