Will ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ Get A Season 2? This Could Be A Hint

When the Marvel Cinematic Universe started creating series for Disney+, it didn’t imagine the service would be nearly this popular. Nor did it imagine that with blockbusters on hold, shows like WandaVision would be a lifeline for MCU fans. The idea was shows like The Falcon & The Winter Soldier would be one-and-done stories, intertarsal series set between the big tentpole films. But with the sheer popularity of both series too big to ignore, it seems there may be a change of plans. So will The Falcon & The Winter Soldier get a Season 2? There are already hints it might.

When WandaVision ended, it was clear that there would be a continuation of the story, with both a mid-and post-credits scene. The difference was, it wouldn’t be a second season. Instead, the show would feed into two big-screen movies: Dr. Strange In The Multiverse of Madness and Captain Marvel 2. But the actual story the TV show was telling was, for the moment, complete.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier, on the other hand, has felt less like a contained story and more like the beginning of an adventure. It’s also a lot shorter in scope, with six installments in contrast to WandaVision‘s nine. Perhaps it, too, is planning to launch directly into some big-screen stories. But even if it does, it’s doubtful the show will be able to tie up all those loose ends in one more episode.

But the latest sign Falcon is tacking a different flight path comes as the TV season wraps up. With the deadline for Emmy submissions less than six weeks out, Disney+ is gearing up to send in its new shows. (It already did surprisingly well its first year with a slew of nominations for The Mandalorian.) According to an interview in IndieWire, executive producer Nate Moore says the show will be classified as a "drama" (aka on ongoing show) rather than a one-and-done "limited series."

That announcement could be Marvel trying to think smart about their chances of nominations since WandaVision is already a limited series submittal. (Anyone knows splitting your voting base lowers your chances of winning.) Besides, Falcon vs. Mandalorian is a far better match-up, fight scene for fight scene. But this also opens the path in-house to declare Season 2 is on the way.

Besides, a plan to have the show feed into an upcoming film doesn’t negate the possibility of a Season 2. Just because Sam is about to take up Captain America’s shield for a big-screen adventure (and possibly pass his wings to Torres for good) doesn’t mean he can’t land at home to hang out with Sarah and his nephews for a few episodes come 2022.

The Falcon & The Winter Soldier is streaming now on Disney+, with new episodes every Friday.

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