With These Dual Screen Laptop Monitors, You Can Enhance Your At-Home Work Experience

Looking for a way to amp up your work and play experience?

Make the most of your experience staying at home with the Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor from Mobile Pixels. This lightweight, energy-efficient laptop monitor can be attached to the back of your laptop, and you can connect it with a single USB cable, then slide it out to offer a fully functional second screen anywhere you want to work.

Working on two screens helps you multitask and keeps you super productive, and a dual screen laptop monitor is a much cheaper alternative to getting a second Laptop.

You can get the TRIO Dual Screen Laptop Monitor for $214.99 — at 16% off the retail price of $259. The TRIO MAX Laptop Monitor is also available at $269.99, or 15% off the retail price of $319.

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