Would you even want to buy this $500 Jennifer Lopez-for-Coach purse?

Jennifer Lopez has been under contract with Coach for a year now. She’s the global face of Coach, and while I don’t really associate her with the label immediately, it’s not a bad fit at all. Coach is, to me, neither low-end or high-end. They make good-quality products which are somewhat affordable. I guarantee that more than half of us have a Coach purse in our collection. My current favorite purse is a large black leather Coach shopper/tote with shoulder straps.

Anyway, Jennifer was not content to simply be the face of Coach. No, she also got to design a purse in association with the brand. And can I just say? I HATE IT!! It pains me to say that! I was a big fan of Jennifer’s Kohls collection because she did have a knack for making lots of cute, affordable mass market pieces. I guess this purse was supposed to be slightly more higher-end, but it really doesn’t look like a Coach piece, nor does it look like a cute purse.

One year after becoming the global face of Coach, Jennifer Lopez is launching her very first design collaboration with the brand: a color-blocked cross-body handbag. Billed as “a bag that can keep up with her (and you),” the Coach x Jennifer Lopez “Hutton” bag ($495) features snakeskin trim, a gold chain strap and rivets and a hang tag inscribed with the 51-year-old superstar’s signature.

“Designing my first bag with Coach was a great experience,” Lopez said in a press release. “I really wanted the Coach x Jennifer Lopez ‘Hutton’ to feel like me. The color-block leather and polished hardware details are really my style. It’s a bag that makes me look pulled together and ready for anything, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

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$500 for that mess? No thanks. I just don’t get the mix of materials and fabrics, and the gold chain strap is tacky AF. I think Jennifer was like “I want it to be A Lady Who Lunches, But She’s Coming In From the Bronx.” It’s just bad.

— Coach (@Coach) October 1, 2020

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