WWE Wrestler Mandy Rose's Quarantine Drink Ended Up Turning Into Carrot Dip?

When I’m feelin’ a lil stir crazy, I like to pour myself a glass of red or have some tequila over ice. But WWE wrestler Mandy Rose clearly handles her ~emotions~ better than I do because her type of wind-down drink consists of liquid aminos and vegetables. I mean, whatever floats your boat!!

For this drink, Mandy went to the fridge and grabbed everything she wanted to include: liquid aminos, cucumbers, sriracha, apple cider vinegar, carrots, and a single garlic clove. TBH, this sounds like an immunity shot I’d force myself to take the day after a wild night out—not something I’d casually sip on…

Next, she pulled out her NutriBullet and got to it. First went in the apple cider vinegar and a *boop* of sriracha. Then she added in liquid aminos and the garlic clove (chopped up, ofc). And she couldn’t forget the carrots and cucumbers!!

After the blender potentially going up in flames and a couple of unmushed cucumbers, Mandy Rose’s Stir Crazy drink sort’ve just became a nice not-so nice carrot dip. If you’re looking for a party snack for your official out-of-quarantine gathering, maybe try this one? And tweak the recipe a bit??

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