$159.000 house includes an indoor BEACH and looks like a spaceship

Welcome to the house of fun! Family home on the market for $159,000 has jungle en-suite bedroom, a spaceship-themed dining room, and an indoor sandy BEACH hiding behind its unassuming exterior

  • A Twitter user went viral after sharing a real estate listing from Pittsburgh 
  • House, on sale for $159,000, includes an indoor beach and spaceship room 
  • Other highlights include a living room decorated like a 13th century castle

With its neat front lawn and modest brick exterior, this family home looks entirely unassuming from the outside. 

But inside it is a veritable house of fun – complete with a spaceship-themed dining room, jungle en-suite bedroom and an indoor sandy beach.  

The two-storey property, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is on the market for $159,000 and has garnered attention from social media users around the world after the listing was shared on Twitter by American user frazierapproves. 

With its neat front lawn and modest brick exterior, this family home looks entirely unassuming from the outside. However inside it is a truly one-of-a-kind home with themed rooms 

One of the house’s three bedroom is decorated like an indoor beach, complete with sand and seashells on the floor

The en-suite bathroom located upstairs is full of flowers to match one of the rooms’ tropical beach theme 

Each room was decorated with a lot of details. Another view of the indoor beach shows it comes with a wooden sitting  area

The house, built in 1969, was advertised by real estate website Zillow, where it was viewed more than a million times in just two days after being posted, according to Bored Panda. 

The three-bedroom property mixes different design influences, from 13th century castle aesthetic in the sunken living-room to outer space in the dining-room. 

A large space mural hangs from the ceiling to the floor of the property, and the space theme is carried through the dining room, which is decorated with a spaceship command board.  

It is equipped with speakers, a 55 inch TV, which works, a ‘gallery kitchen’ which a suspicious door with a turning lock leading to a laundry room, with plenty of storage. 

The dining-room look straight out of a spaceship, complete with its own command board for time travel 

The command board located in the dining-room/living-room is full of amusing details, and comes with a functioning TV

Another look at the dining room and adjoined living-room in the ’25th century’ spaceship. The walls were decorated to give the impression the ‘ship’ was hovering above Earth

An ‘alien’ made of aluminium and an ominous face mask greets visitors at the entrance of the dining-room

Speaking about his discovery to Bored Panda, the Twitter user said: ‘I live in Pittsburgh and came across the listing via my local subreddit. The front exterior photo is completely unremarkable. It’s very typical of the 1960s Suburban Pittsburgh housing vernacular… particularly in the eastern suburbs. 

‘That’s the kind of home they built for middle-class families in the last days of steel. The first surprise came with the photos of the backyard. 

‘Not only is the yard larger than one would suspect, but swimming pools are exceedingly rare in this region, due to the hilly topography and small window of summer-like temperatures. 

‘The living room and library appear to have some light medieval theming with a large outer space mural, which is the first indication that we are dealing with something truly special here.’ 

The property comes with high ceilings and a space mural (right). An elevated library can be found above the library’s fireplace

On the other side of the living-room, a spiral staircase leads to the three bedroom located on the first floor 

An aerial view of the living-room showcases its hardwood floors and Medieval castle influences 

The large living-room is decorated with furry armchairs and wooden pieces of furniture. It nears the spaceship dining-room

An impressive space-themed mural hangs from floor to ceiling in the house’s living-room

Two of the house’s three bedrooms are also decorated following specific themes. 

‘There’s a Tropical Island Themed Bedroom and a 1970 Hippie Crash Pad Bedroom with a Queen Water Bed,’ the listing reads.

Photos show how the tropical island bedroom comes complete with faux vines strung across the walls, doorways and ceilings.  

Outside, the ivy-covered home has its own pool, perfect for hot summer days. It comes with hardwood floors, a brick fireplace, an elevated library and beautiful high ceilings.

One of the rooms located on the first floor is straight from the 70s, and comes with a Queen sized water bed

The house comes with a large garden, and its facade is completely covered in ivy at the back

The property looks normal from the outside and comes with a lovely patio and pool area, perfect for summer days

Twitter users went wild over the Twitter thread. 

‘OH MY GOD I NEED THIS HOUSE. It’s only 17 miles away from me,’ one said. 

‘I… I would actually consider this. Yes, I know something’s wrong with me,’ said another.  

‘Want to do a timeshare? It’s so horrifyingly delightful,’ one replied. 

‘You have to admit, having your own beach in the basement would come in handy just about now,’ said another. 

People loved the ‘horrifyingly delightful’ house for sale and some were actually dying to buy it 

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