34 Famous Women Of Proud African And Latina Heritage

The recent controversy surrounding Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical drama In The Heights shined a necessary light on Afro-LatinX representation in television in film. As critics drew attention to the omission of darker-skinned leads of African and Latin descent in the HBO Max project, audiences pointed out the plethora of choices director Jon M. Chu had when it came to casting actors who are representative of the predominately Dominican neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York City.

The reality is members of the Afro-LatinX community are all around us. Unfortunately, entertainers have often felt they have to choose between their Blackness and their Latin heritage, leaving their rich mixed ancestry to be muddled and overlooked. Increasingly, actresses such as Gina Torres and Reagan Gomez continue to speak up about racial and ethnic duality, normalizing the experiences of individuals within their community and exemplifying just how dominant their talent is in Hollywood. And they’re not alone. Check out these women who are proud to share African and Latina heritage.

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