4 Ways Sia Spends Her Millions

Sia Kate Isobelle Furler, popularly known as Sia, is an Australian singer started her music career with the acid jazz band called Crisp. This was back in the 1990s. Sia has come a long way in establishing herself in the music industry as a singer and as a songwriter, a voice artist, and a director.

Sia became particularly popular in the USA and worldwide with her performance in the song’ Chandelier.’ She has also been widely known for her collaboration with Zayn Malik in the song ‘Dusk Till Dawn.’ The pop star has a marvelous net worth of about $30 million in 2021.

Here are a few ways in which the star spends her millions.

4 Luxury Estates and Cars

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In 2015, Sia purchased a beautiful house in Los Angeles for a sumptuous $4.3 million, as stated by Tuko. This huge 5161 square feet mansion comes with luxury amenities such as five elegant bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms. The special feature of this house is its sunroom that has an extraordinary view of downtown Los Angeles.

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As of 2020, the Australian singer is living with her two adopted children in her $5 million Toluca Lake property in Los Angeles, California. Sia’s LA mansions were previously havened for rescued animals, but she has made her family fuller by adopting these teenagers. She is also a grandmother to one of her adopted sons, living with her in her LA house.

When it comes to cars, Sia has spent generously on owning one by herself and gifted them to friends. For example, she has gifted a fancy car to her friend and colleague, Maddie, who has been there for her through her journey in setting up a career. The car she owns is a Lexus LC that she acquired for an estimated $90,000.

3 Exquisite Furnishings

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Sia has made her luxury estates remarkable by decorating them with unique furnishings. The most famous among these are the magnificent floorboards. The pop star told the media that it had cost her about $1.2 million. She was able to cover the expense with ease after making millions with the success of ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ with Zayn Malik.

Another extravagant purchase Sia made was her Steinway piano that she bought after her song Diamonds with Rihanna. She has also furnished this mansion with a phallic-shaped Chandelier, which could symbolize her success with the song’ Chandelier.’

The kitchen is furnished with a pricey stove that the singer is reported to have bought. The success with Flo Rida’s 2011 hit single Wild Ones bought her a fancy couch, according to MailOnline.

2 The Small Steps Project

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The Small Steps Project is a means for celebrities to donate money and shoe pairs through various personalized auctions. This Project is amongst Sia’s latest contributions to the underprivileged.

According to the Small Steps Project, her contribution is a pair of blue textile Vans in size UK 5. Sia personalized the pair by offering handwritten notes and heartfelt messages like ‘I Love You’ coupled with some warm illustrations.

1 Philanthropy

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The Australian star has donated millions to the rescue project of Australians who were victims of forest fires. Being a woman from Adelaide, she felt like it was her duty to save as many lives as possible. Sia has also contributed quite generously to provide necessary resources and healthcare to Covid-19 sufferers in Australia. She has given away about $100,000 to the winning contestant of American Survivor to be spent on the chosen charity.

The pop star has also been an animal rights defender all her life. Thus, she did not hesitate in offering her wealth to protect the precious wildlife in Australia after being endangered due to forest fires. She has notably donated to the Australian bushfire relief fund. According to MailOnline, Sia has also promised a generous $1 million to CORE or Community Organized Relief Effort, a rescue mission for Covid-19 victims.

She is known to rave about animal rights on social media and is also quite vocal about the rising discrimination against the queer community and the marginalization of immigrants. Sia has contributed to LGBQ charities along with animal rescue organizations.

One main reason for Sia’s successful career is that she brings something unique to the table. The same has earned her a loyal fan base. Her luxury estates were previously a golden shelter for rescued dogs and later for her adopted children. For Sia, her money is only worth how much happiness it brings her by being helpful to others.

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