5 Best Dog Grooming Clippers 2020 | The Sun UK

AS ANYONE WITH A dog will tell you, dog grooming is a big part of a dog owner's responsibilities – and while some pups love a good brushing and fur trimming experience, others find it absolutely terrifying.

The best dog grooming clippers will quickly, effectively and safely cut your dog's hair – without any discomfort for your furry friend.

For many dogs, getting their fur trimmed can be a scary experience, from dealing with strangers they don't know to having scissors coming near their face. Professional dog grooming can also be expensive for owners.

While you can attempt to cut your dog's fur with nail clippers at home, investing in a dog grooming kit can provide some relief for you – and your pup.

A lot of dog grooming clippers available online include scissors – for a touch-up here and there – as well as cordless clippers, which are a quick and quiet way to give your pup a trim.

Other dogs will benefit from de-shedding tools and multi-blade dematting combs, which get rid of loose undercoat.

Note: different dog coats may require different tools. For a breakdown of dog clippers by breed, try Masterclip, which manufactures animal clippers for various breeds of domestic and farm animals.

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