56 New Books We Can’t Wait To Read In 2022

Black authors are carrying us into bird sanctuaries, catholic mass pews, sweeping tropical graveyards, locker room huddles, ship bows, and the hollows of suburbia this season. 

Novelists are asking questions about family by creating characters that are able to express large ideas about life, death and love through the tiny details we recognize in our daily lives. From impatiently pressing ignore on a phone call, to dragging a carry-on through the airport, anxiously awaiting news about a loved one at the doctor’s office, and thumbing through a drawer to find a treasured recipe, you’ll see your own stories in the moments shared on the page.

There are reliable allies, callous power players, zealous record correctors, strong spirit commanders, sexy but complicated exes, and righteous truth tellers showing up in texts.

Behind-the-scenes stories are coming to book shelves as well. A Haitian-American model and sit-com star-turned-Beverly-Hills-powerhouse is sharing her story of sustaining a career in Hollywood. a southern entrepreneur who’s turned veganism into big business and Broadway-performer-turned-superstar is taking us through her journey from the stages to the Oscars. 

Stories of Black people flourishing in arenas that often shut us out are being told as well. Take a closer look at the Black middle class and the way their narratives can be left out of mainstream media, learn about those who fought for our civil rights, and ease into the dens of falcons. 

Join a pair of first-generation British sisters as they come together to confront the restrictions of their culture and ponder how they can merge honoring their heritage with pursuing their happiness. Engage with the storytelling skills of a beloved musician on a whole new level. Listen to a reality show star have a frank conversation about tokenism or romance yourself with a bit of poetry. 

See 56 new books from Black authors we can’t wait to read in 2022 below.

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