6 Best Dog Toothpastes 2020 | The Sun UK

WHEN IT comes to looking after our pet pooches, their teeth are just as important as our own.

According to the RSPCA, you should start brushing your dog's teeth from the time they're a puppy, daily, so the best dog toothpaste is an important investment to make for your four-legged friend.

According to the experts, the best way to prevent the common issue of dental disease for pets is by brushing their teeth often, and regularly. One not-so-fun fact? 80 per cent of dogs have dental issues like periodontal disease by the time they're 3.

Dogs can't use the same toothpaste as humans, and you'll want to get them a doggie toothbrush, too – one that has a couple of different brush heads in one, or slips on over your finger, so you can access those hard-to-reach areas.

You'll find a range of dog toothpastes available online to suit your dog's needs, improving their breath and removing plaque in the process.

Virbac is the vet's toothpaste of choice, an enzymatic toothpaste that's poultry flavoured to appeal to dogs.

In addition to dog toothpaste, dental chews can also help your dog's teeth get cleaned – as well as providing some fun playtime activity for your furry pal.

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