6 Most Expensive Things Money Can Buy

Having an abundance of wealth translates to someone’s ability to shop without hesitation, and sometimes, that means exorbitant spending. There are so many luxurious items that can be purchased by the rich and famous, and it’s incredible to see some of the world’s most interesting, and most bizarre items being snatched up, in spite of their enormous price tags. Perhaps the most interesting part of the elaborate shopping sprees that we bear witness to, is the fact that somehow, the wealthiest shoppers seem to spend excessive amounts of money on seemingly average items.  We’ve discovered that they’re average by definition, but upon closer examination, these everyday items are overpriced due to the very unique elements that they feature.

Slice indicates that when money is of no object, the shopping experience becomes truly unique. Let’s take a look at some average items sold for way above-average prices, and why they’re worth every penny.

6 Overpriced Rice

Most of us wouldn’t consider spending an exorbitant amount of money on rice. In fact, this seems like an every day household item that is cost-effective, and one that is easily stored and commonly found in everyone’s pantry. Rice is not really known to be expensive and is certainly not a high-end delicacy, yet somehow, the uber-elite are able to spend $109 per kg on rice sold by the Toyo Rice Corporation.

What makes it so special? The reason it’s priced so high is due to the fact that it contains 6 different varieties of rice and somewhere down the line, it was crowned as being ‘The World’s Best Rice.”  Thanks to the Guinness Book of Records, the mystery makes it worth the purchase.

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5 Super Sushi

Since we’re on the topic of rice, we may as well talk about sushi. Those with taste buds for something really fancy are able to tap in to the world’s most expensive sushi at the massive price tag of just over $2,000. According to DNA India, this is very special Nigiri Sushi that is prepared by Chef Angelito Araneta Jr.

This rice, originating from the Philippines, is said to be oozing gold and diamonds. That’s right, the garnish that sits atop this elaborate edible bite is made of a 24 carat gold leaf and bedazzles the consumer each and every time, making it a true experience that many are willing to pay for.

4 Keyboard Elegance

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With so many people spending increased time at our computers these days, many consumers are opting to purchase upgraded keyboards, in pursuit of a more optimal experience. Some are willing to shell out as much as $4,240 USD for a Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HP, from Japan.

It’s all about the details with this purchase. DNA India reports that this keyboard features; ” keys hand-coated in Urushi lacquer before being dusted with gold. ” This is a mighty rare item, but it was so highly sought after that knock off versions have been placed for sale online.

3 A Bra To Brag About

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Bra’s are a must-have clothing item for women, and most ladies have drawers full of different options. Most women are able to easily select from various lace, satin push-up, and strapless varieties to find the perfect bra that goes with their outfit. However most people aren’t in possession of a $12.5 million bra.

Heidi Klum was lucky enough to wear the Heavenly Star Bra on the runway, and jaws dropped across the globe at this stunning design. Made by Victoria’s Secret, and appropriately worn on the runway, this bra features 1,200 pink sapphires and diamond embellishments. It also has 90 carat emerald smack dab in the middle as a feature piece.

2 The Wonderous Wedding Dress

Women across the globe and from all walks of life are known to splurge on their wedding dresses. Most ladies don’t hesitate to drop a whole lot of money when they find ‘the perfect dress’ for their big day. However, even the most willing bride wouldn’t be able to afford the world’s most expensive wedding dress. While most women spend thousands to be pretty in white, the elite can access the $12 million dress created by Martin Katz Jewelers and Renee Strauss. Sources reveal this was created for the Luxury Brands Bridal Show and holds the top spot as the most expensive wedding dress ever made.

1 Vintage Sports Car

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Car fanatics and gearheads across the globe are known to drop huge dollars on supercars, vintage cars, and all types of collector’s vehicles. It’s no secret that the rich and famous are known to purchase expensive luxury vehicles immediately upon earning their wealth. However, most wouldn’t be able to afford the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO.

This vintage beauty is a Tour de France winner and happens to be worth $70 million.While the joy of car ownership is typically the thrill of the drive, this one may just be too valuable to even take onto the road.

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