7 Best Cashmere Socks For Men | The Sun UK

WANT to take your loungewear comfort level up a notch? The best cashmere socks are ridiculously snug.

Whether you're after a thick pair to slide under your dog walking boots, or need some bed socks to keep out the chills at home, cashmere is always a good idea.

Knitted from the underbelly of cashmere goats, the luxury fabric is sourced primarily in China and Mongolia.

So basically, it can be a little expensive. But there are some great, cheaper options out there which blend over 95% cashmere with other soft fabrics.

As cashmere socks are such high quality, they make a thoughtful gift idea to look after a loved one's trotters.

Fancy browsing before you buy? We've found the best cashmere socks for men to shop now, from bargain blends to premium best-sellers.

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