7 Best Door Curtains | The Sun UK

DOOR curtains are just that: curtains for doors, and have all sorts of practical uses beyond adding to your interior design.

We take a look at some of the best door curtains you can buy online right now.

At this time of year, thermal door curtains surge in popularity as homeowners hunt for simple, cost-effective ways to banish drafts and keep their rooms well-insulated.

As well as helping to keep the heat in (and those pesky draughts out), some thermal door curtains are also made with blackout linings, which helps to keep the light out too.

But even if your doors are well-fitted and draught-free, you might still want to invest in a door curtain to add privacy to your home.

Net and voile curtains are enduringly popular because they let the light into the room and allow you to see out, but won’t allow anyone else to see in – good both for security and privacy!

Finally, there are beaded curtains which are great for keeping flying insects out of the house during the summer or for adding a cool retro touch to a boring doorway.

We’ve rounded up some popular door curtain designs so you can take your pick.

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