7 Best Vacuum Pack Storage Bags | The Sun UK

MOST people would say that they don’t have enough space in their wardrobe – the trick is to make the space you do have work harder for you.

Using the best vacuum pack storage bags to store your seasonal clothes and bedding will free up loads of valuable space in your cupboard.

It will also keep them fresh by protecting them from water, mildew, dust, insects and odours.

Simply place the items into the bag, close the seal securely and vacuum out the air by placing the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner over the valve of the bag.

The excess air will be sucked out of the bag, squeezing your clothing or bedding tightly together and massively reducing the volume of the contents.

Since it’s impossible to get clothing absolutely flat during the vacuuming process, some fabrics will become creased in storage and will require ironing on removal, so do bear this in mind before going crazy on your cashmere!

We’ve rounded up a selection of vacuum storage bags in loads of useful sizes here…

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