9 Celebrities Who Had Their Luxury Homes Broken Into

From 2018’s series of burglaries to Kyle Richards tracking down Diane Keaton to confirm whether she’d picked up her mother’s stolen ring at a pawn shop, celebrities are increasingly vulnerable to thieves eager to invade and rob their luxury homes. While not all operations are efficiently executed and booming, tT

9 Usher

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In March 2019, Usher lost $820,000 in cash and jewelry along with the home security footage. According to Blast, the stolen goods were six watches, “the most expensive of which was $220,000” as well as “a rose gold Jesus necklace worth $200,000. Usher’s numerous watch collaborations with Rolex and Cartier make him a prime watch theft subject. Usher’s housekeeper did notice a missing ring and jewelry earlier in the week but had assumed they were with Usher until she notified Usher’s now ex-wife Grace Miguel that she also noticed hand and footprints, along with an open window. Later, she realized the security footage “recording box was missing, and the connecting wires were cut.” The robbery may have been bad Karma for Usher, who has been accused of theft on Twitter and, more recently, tipping dancers with fake bills.

8 Kyle Richards

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Richard’s family home was broken into via a broken window, not unlike Usher’s home. Richard’s told Bravo Insider, “any gift I’ve ever been given, anything my mother left me, anything I worked my butt of to buy for myself, all of it has been taken” and “it was a terrible feeling.” Richards mentioned that even her passport was stolen; however, she also made clear she did not feel the urge to go out and replace her enormous collection and had chosen to borrow jewelry as needed for events and press. She also defended her family’s decision to stay in Aspen and focus on gratitude for each other and enjoying the rest of the trip as well they could. Richards finishes, “doing a show like the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, they are always showing our clothes and our bags and our jewelry, and you know the camera is always on those things.” Richards says she is going to follow Kim Kardashian’s lead and make her home jewelry-free post theft. While Richards wasn’t initially sure if she would stay in her home, after installing brand-new security systems and two armed guards, it seems the parents have assured that their family can feel safe at home.

7 Paris Hilton

Kyle Richard’s niece, Paris Hilton’s Malibu home, was robbed in July 2013, but this was just one of the numerous incidents. Hilton told the Huffington Post, “I’d already had so many other experiences at other houses I’ve lived at in the Hollywood Hills with stalkers, people climbing my gates, and tour buses full of people driving by. I’ve always been used to this.” While now infamous, the home invasions likely added to Hilton’s existing distrust of people, which she discusses openly and honestly for the first time in her Netflix documentary “This Is Paris.” The “Bling Ring” is reported to have also robbed Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom’s homes.

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6 Cara Delevingne

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Trespasser Sedric Ruempker didn’t need a broken window but instead went ahead and jumped the fence to Cara Delevingne’s property on December 19, 2019. However, he didn’t make it inside the house after neighbors alerted police once witnessing the fence jump. Delevingne was out of the house celebrating the birthday of her then-girlfriend Ashley Benson. According to E-News, Ruemper “was then taken into custody on a misdemeanor trespassing charge.” Nothing was stolen, and this attempt could have been random and was less orchestrated than other robberies. However, this also wasn’t the first dime Delevingne’s home was at risk. In November of the previous year, Delevingne and Benson were “‘terrified’ after they discovered a man walking around their house on security cameras back in November,” according to the Sun.

5 Harry Styles

Styles was yet another open window burglary victim in October 2019. According to USA Today, Styles was left feeling “scared” and “unsafe in his own home” after a homeless man Pablo Tarazaga-Orero, originally from Spain, camped outside Style’s London home and “pushed notes and money through his mailbox.” Tarzana-Orero was banned from getting anywhere near Styles, his concerts, or his home and was mandated to complete a 30-day rehab program.

4 Brenda Song

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While Song has recently made headlines for her son’s birth with former child star Macaulay Culkin, she likely has her fingers crossed that the new family will not be victim to a burglary like back in 2014. On the Fourth of July, a thief stole $7,000 in jewelry and other goods, including “Chanel earrings, a ring, and a bracelet” according to Daily Mail. Song, like many victims, did not notice the items were missing until a few days later.

3 A$AP Rocky

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Three men robbed A$AP Rocky’s Los Angeles home in May 2017. According to Us Magazine, Rocky’s sister caught the intruders before they tied her up and left with $1.5 million worth of jewelry and goods. LAPD told US, “The suspects tried to take the safe with them, but they weren’t able to take it, so they left it on the sidewalk.” Regardless, they made out with more than enough to make the robbery one of the most expensive on this list.

2 Kendall Jenner

While Kim is the most notable Kardashian-Jenner to be robbed, the incident occurred in Paris, France leaving her enormous Los Angeles estate safe and sound. However, her sister Kendall was not so lucky, as she was the victim of a burglary on March 15, 2017, just a month before Rocky, her rumored fling at the time. According to US magazine, Jenner was out between noon and 8 p.m and “didn’t notice anything suspicious until she realized around 1 a.m. that some jewelry was missing from her bedroom.” Based on the dramatic security measures installed in Kim’s home and the resulting prank, where Kris Jenner appeared to be tackled by Kim’s amped-up security, all Kardashians and Jenners have all likely amped up security.

1 Drake

While the show “Atlanta” gave us a unique glimpse into what traipsing through Drakes’s closets and property might feel like, it seems this unwanted guest took the inspiration way too far. While nothing was stolen, 24-year-old Mesha Collins broke into Drake’s Los Angeles home in April 2017, where she was found locked in a room surrounded by water and soda bottles. Collins was held on a $100,000 bail and dubbed the “thirsty intruder”. While she did not steal or consume any soda or water, she was charged with home invasion and intent to steal.

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