A couple who met during lockdown spent months matching their outfits

A lockdown love story! French couple who met on a dating app and decided to co-ordinate their outfits to wear on future dates reveal it helped them feel ‘so comfortable’ together when they finally met in person

  • Marina and Antoine, from France, began chatting on Bumble during lockdown
  • Couple sent snaps to each other of outfits they planned to wear on future dates
  • Pair finally were able to meet when the lockdown lifted and are now an item
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Many couples have struggled to keep new romances alive during the pandemic, but not this loved-up pair. 

Marina Carlos, 31 and her boyfriend Antoine, both from France, starting chatting on the dating app Bumble while the country was under its strict lockdown due to the coronavirus.

As their love story progressed, the couple began sharing outfits they planned to wear on their future dates and soon began matching them to each other, reports Bored Panda.  

When France’s lockdown, which started on March 17, was lifted on May 11, the pair were able to meet in person for the first time – and naturally, they coordinated their clothes. 

Sharing their story online, Marina announced they are now boyfriend and girlfriend after months of virtual communication. She said lockdown gave them the chance to get to know each other on a deeper level.

Marina and Antoine, from France, met through the dating app Bumble during the country’s lockdown, which started on March 17 and ended on May 11. The pair started matching their outfits, which they planned to wear once they were able to go on dates

Speaking about their romance, Antoine recalled: ‘We matched on the Bumble dating app, started talking during the lockdown and we actually got to know each other better thanks to a “300 questions” document Marina found on Reddit.’ 

As the lockdown continued, Marina, a disability rights advocate, and Antoine, a waiter, DJ and graphic designer, switched from text messages to video calls. 

‘We started doing phone calls and eventually were video-chatting every day,’ Antoine went on.

‘Our feelings developed rapidly, which led to being really excited to finally meet each other physically.’

And they confirmed their first date was a success, saying they ‘felt so comfortable with one another’.

The cute couple got to know each other during the lockdown, and frequently started coordinating their clothes

Marina, who is in a wheelchair, used to work in social media before becoming a content creator advocating for the rights of disabled people. 

She is currently working on her book – I’ll Figure It Out: How Ableism Impacts Disabled People’s Lives.

People loved their story and rushed to comment on it when Marina shared it to Reddit. 

‘Both have very nice eyebrows, glad you two could find happiness,’ one remarked about the couple.

Marina revealed that the lockdown gave her and Antoine the chance to connect with each other on a deeper level 

As their romance progressed, Marina and Antoine meticulously paired the outfits they’d wear if they were able to meet in person

The couple finally met in real life after France lifted its lockdown on May 11, after two months of confinement, and naturally they paired their outfit for the occasion

‘This is nicest thing I’ve seen on internet in a long time. Good luck,’ another said. 

And one Reddit user, who also uses a wheelchair, remarked: ‘As a paraplegic I will say congrats! Dating apps can be a little brutal for someone who uses a wheelchair.

‘Though I have found chatting over the internet first helps alleviate a lot of the potential awkwardness the other person might feel in-person and allows them to get comfortable.’ 

People loved Marina and Antoine’s sweet love story, with a fellow wheelchair user remarking that online dating can be brutal for disabled people

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