A Look Inside Alexander James' "Keep It In The Family" Exhibition in Cape Town

Rising London artist Alexander James recently opened the doors to his first exhibition in Cape Town. Titled “Keep It In The Family” and taking place at THEFOURTH gallery, the exhibition features an array of works inspired by the South African city, where James has been living recently.

Much of the work has been heavily influenced by James’ time in the city, and particularly how he has navigated Cape Town’s city center. His meanderings are referenced through a visual diary of photographs, sketches and social encounters that form James’ “memory bank” from which he draws artistic inspiration.

Encompassing small and large scale works on canvas and paper, photography, video and performance installations, the works feature hints at the Cape Town cityscape as well as intimate depictions of the people around James. In particular, the community that surrounds St. Georges Mall — where James has a studio — are celebrated in a series of small portraits.

Take a look through some of the works featured in “Keep It In The Family” in the gallery above. The exhibition is open now, and will run until April 10.

In other art news, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts in Taiwan recently opened its “Mind-Eyes of Nara: The Gaze in Facial-Expressionism” exhibition.

28 St. Georges Mall
Cape Town
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