Action Bronson Drops "Mongolia" Featuring Meyhem Lauren and Hologram

Action Bronson returns with his third single from his upcoming album Only for Dolphins, out September 25 via Loma Vista Recordings. “Mongolia” taps longtime friend and collaborator Meyhem Lauren for a guest spot while Meyhem’s brother, also known as the rapper Hologram, adds a verse. The song opens up with a conversation with The Greek from HBO’s The Wire season two while the instrumentation pulls heavily from sitar strings. “Mongolia” is the third consecutive track that revolves around world music in the production department.

After months of staying dormant following the release of last year’s Lamb Over Rice, Action has picked up some steady momentum in recent weeks. He first reappeared with “Latin Grammys” playing fictitious 1990’s World’s Strongest Man competitor Action Ver Magnusson in a music video that utilized deep-fake technology to transpose the rapper’s head onto a body builder’s. That’s not to say that Action hasn’t been hitting the gym during the coronavirus quarantines though as he’s maintained his steadfast regiment through numerous Instagram posts.

He then followed up with “Golden Eye”, a James Bond inspired cut about luxurious intercontinental travel with sonic tributes to the sounds of Turkish psych, reggae, French film compositions, and even Russian Funk. Earlier this year, Action teamed up with Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream for a new ice cream flavor.

Stream “Mongolia” below. In more music news, SahBabii and Joji collaborated for the new track “Gates to the Sun” for the inaugural POLLEN x Spotify Singles Series installment.

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