Adam Amin delivers heartfelt farewell to ex-ESPN colleagues

Rising sports television star Adam Amin — who recently left ESPN for Fox Sports as reported by The Post’s Andrew Marchand — delivered a heartfelt Twitter farewell on Wednesday to his former colleagues.

But it took him a while for him to get to the thank yous.

The 33-year-old Amin first apologized for the “narcisstic tone” the message would take, tweeting that though he is “thrilled” and “proud” to be working for Fox Sports, he hasn’t been in a celebratory mood because of the struggles others are going through during the coronavirus pandemic.

“At times, it felt it would be in poor taste to take a victory lap, when, during this strange time, there are so many that may not have so much to be joyous about,” Amin tweeted. “That being said, I truly hope everyone is able to discover their own silver linings.”

Amin, who was hired by ESPN at age 24 in 2011, moved up the ranks quickly. He was on Thursday Night college football, the women’s Final Four and also called NBA and MLB games. The network said in 2016 that Amin, just shy of of his 30th birthday, was the youngest ever to announce a New Year’s Day Big Six game when he did the radio call of the Fiesta Bowl.

Amin tweeted that he was grateful for the ESPN “decision makers” who took a chance on a young broadcaster and continued to trust him to handle new opportunities. He also thanked many of the people he worked with, saying they became more than just colleagues.

“They became sounding boards and confidants, arms to collapse into and shoulders to cry on,” Amin tweeted. “Through both triumph and tragedy, they became my friends and family.”

Amin, who said his life “took a hard turn for the better” when he was hired by ESPN, also thanked the audience who have listened to the various games he called during his time with the network, adding that he “hopes it continues.”

“A traditional broadcast sign-off seems appropriate here,” he tweeted. “So for all of my teammates and all of you, thanks for nine great years. It has been a privilege. SportsCenter is next.”

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