Adorable Crocs-style shoes for small dogs are going viral on social media

Crocs were once seen as unfashionable, clunky footwear, but they’ve seen a resurgence in recent years.

Fashionistas have been rocking the slip-on shoes around the world which is OK by us because they’re great for gardening and swimming pools.

In fact, designer label Balenciaga teamed up with Crocs recently to sell stiletto versions of the footwear at a whopping £600 a pop!

But, there’s much more affordable – and cuter – Crocs trend taking over the UK.

You can now get tiny Crocs for your dog which are perfect for a photoshoot, says TeamDogs.

If you're looking for some fetching footwear for your little pooch, look no further than Crocs for dogs.

Described as ideal for small dogs, the brightly-coloured clog-style shoes are now available in a doggy edition from Amazon.

They cost between £19 for a green pair and £23.86 for a pink pair.

Plus, you can snap up a yellow set for £22.

And while the novelty shoes are not made by Crocs themselves, they do bear resemblance to the iconic shape and style.

The must-have, teeny accessories are not suitable to protect your pups feet from hot pavements or for daily use or running.

They’re purely an accessory.

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The listing stated: "Dog crocodile shoes are only suitable for small dogs.

"The size of the shoes is 2.76*1.15*1.15 inches.

"Only suitable for photos, no way to wear daily or running."

But, your pooch could go viral after being snapped in these cute shoes.

Would you try them on your dog or do you think they’re silly?

Well, dog lovers online are obsessed with the dog shoes as #dogsincrocs is currently viral on TikTok.

So, to each their own…

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