Adorable rare pink dolphins have been spotted in Hong Kong and they look magical

They might look like the stuff of dreams, but these adorable pink dolphins are very much real.

The rare dolphins have reappeared around the seas of Hong Kong because of a reduction in waterway transport, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to The Guardian, the dolphins – which are also known as Chinese white dolphins and pink dolphins – started avoiding the area a while ago, due to a large number of speed boats inhabiting the waters.

But sightings of the sweet little creatures have risen by almost 30% since boat and ferry traffic was suspended in the region back in March.

Now, it looks like the pink dolphins pretty much have the waterways to themselves.

Dr. Lindsay Porter, a senior research scientist with the University of St Andrews, says the mass return is unlike anything she’s seen in her career.

She told The Guardian: ‘I’ve been studying these dolphins since 1993 and I’ve never seen anything like this dramatic change before, and the only thing that changed is 200 ferries stopped traveling.’

It looks like the dolphins are having the time of their lives and are really letting loose.

Dr Lindsay added: ‘From visual observations, the dolphins are spending much more time socializing, splashing around on the surface, quite a bit of foreplay, quite a bit of sex.

‘Hong Kong dolphins normally live on the edges, they’re stressed, they spend their time eating and resting. So to see them playing… to see them having a good time, that was really great to see.’

WWF Hong Kong have said the the population of dolphins in the Pearl River Estuary is estimated to be around 2,500 – but there’s been a worrying decline over recent years.

Fingers crossed the return of these majestic creatures will prompt more people to help save them by cutting down on overfishing, water pollution, and the number of ferries and boats.

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