Aldi Is Selling Halloween-Shaped Pasta to Make the Coolest Mac & Cheese Ever

Pasta is always a simple meal to whip up but the dish can always be customized to fit your liking of sauces, toppings, and added protein. There are so many pasta shapes, sizes, and textures to choose from depending on what you’re into and, wouldn’t you know it, Aldi sells a delightful package of Halloween-shaped macaroni that will be great for your October dinners.

The 17-ounce package can be found on Aldi shelves for just $1.99. It’s likely in the dry goods aisle or near the other seasonal and festive items the grocery chain has to offer. The macaroni itself is multi-colored and features the typical dry pasta color along with black and orange pieces. The shapes come in both spiders and pumpkins, so every bite will have some Halloween cheer in it.

On the label, it says that each half-cup of the pasta is about 210 calories, and @aldiforpresident even posted a photo of the back of the package that outlines the nutrition facts. “I noticed once I got home and looked at the ingredients how few there actually were..Very cool!” the Instagram account wrote in a caption. The package also says that black carrot and tomato powder were used to color the pasta pieces, so you don’t have to worry about any funky ingredients being used as an additive which is always a plus.

Aldi fans in the comment section were super excited about the find, with some exclaiming just how perfect it would be for soups or with Aldi’s pumpkin chipotle sauce. There are so many options—I’d consider this pasta an Aldi cult-favorite in the making.

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